Tanga Loa adds a new wrinkle to The Bloodline angle

The Bloodline angle continues to evolve, this time welcoming in Tanga Loa who adds a new level of violence to the group.
New Japan Pro-Wrestling - G1 CLIMAX 33
New Japan Pro-Wrestling - G1 CLIMAX 33 / Etsuo Hara/GettyImages

The Bloodline angle remains one of the most interesting stories in professional wrestling. And it’s interesting not just because of what's happening on screen. WWE Backlash included a huge moment when Tanga Loa saved Tama Tonga from being pinned by Kevin Owens. Loa’s appearance was a surprise, especially with the news that Jacob Fatu is waiting in the wings. There’s a lot to look forward to within this angle and an opportunity to continue to build on what has been one of the best dramas in professional wrestling. 

For those not in the know, Tanga Loa is Tama Tonga’s younger brother. Together they won multiple tag team titles including several in New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor. They remained one of the most important teams in NJPW, even when some fans didn’t want that to be the case. Now, they are in a new promotion with new opportunities in front of them. 

Those new opportunities are going to create some captivating moments on television. Solo Sikoa continues to lead The Bloodline without Roman Reigns, being at an entirely different level of violence in recent weeks. He is acting on the orders of someone, an individual that hasn’t been revealed but many expect to be The Rock. When Reigns returns, he’s going to walk into a seven-alarm blaze, one that he started. Jey Uso left on his own, while Jimmy was ejected and placed on the injury shelf. Reigns is walking into this alone, and there’s no telling if Paul Heyman will side with him out of loyalty to the family. Plus, where will Jacob Fatu sit? 

There’s so much opportunity in this angle. Was it all thought out within WWE creative? That’s highly unlikely, but that doesn’t negate the positive situation in front of the organization. If WWE wants to promote Reigns as a credible babyface, now is the time to do it. 

The Bloodline welcomed in another member at WWE Backlash. Tanga Loa is now in the WWE, much to the surprise of viewers and media personalities within wrestling. This angle continues to deliver and here’s to seeing what’s next in the next chapter of the biggest angle in professional wrestling.