The WWE women's division needs more time outside the titles before a mid card championship

Before WWE introduces a mid card championship on the main roster, it must find time to give the women more shine outside of the two top titles.
Friday Night SmackDown
Friday Night SmackDown / WWE/GettyImages

There’s a rumor of WWE being interested in creating a mid card championship for the women’s division on the main roster. It's an intriguing conversation point, and one that’s come up in the past. With such a stacked roster on SmackDown and Monday Night Raw, it could make sense if a new title was introduced and built correctly. But there’s more to the solution than just throwing a new championship in the mix, there needs to be more stories within the division as well. 

WWE currently has two singles titles and the tag team titles serving the women’s division on the main roster. Important performers hold those belts, with Bayley, Liv Morgan, Bianca Belair, and Jade Cargill holding titles. Adding another title to the mix could elevate several names on the roster. Think about women like Tiffany Stratton, Lyra Valkyria, Naomi, or Nia Jax building another title. There’s benefits around that. But it isn’t the full solution to the problem. 

The women most likely to hold a midcard title already get ample television time. What’s missing is adequate stories outside of the championship to build the women without a belt. For example, in the men’s division on SmackDown, Kevin Owens is in an angle that involves Randy Orton, Solo Sikoa, Tonga Loa, and Tama Tonga. Five important members of SmackDown, none of whom have a championship. Andrade versus Legado del Fantasma is another angle that will build around another group of men and none of them have a championship. Rey Mysterio, Carlito and the LWO is yet another example of a men’s angle that is getting ample time, even though there aren’t any titles involved. The women’s division doesn’t have this. All the stories revolve around the championships in some form and that is what must change before a midcard championship is added to the mix. 

This is possible. Look no further than WWE NXT as an example of a two-hour show that finds time to have several stories within the women’s roster. As that brand looks to introduce a Women’s North American Championship at NXT Battleground, there’s still enough time dedicated to other angles like Lola Vice versus Shayna Baszler. Doing so best serves the entire group and this is what must happen on the main roster. 

It remains true that a person makes the title, not the other way around. If WWE is going to introduce a midcard title to the main roster, then it needs to dedicate time to women outside the title picture to make the strap valuable even before it exists.