The Young Bucks are AEW's best at sports entertainment and pro wrestling

The Young Bucks continue to excel at character work and still remain as one of the best tag teams in professional wrestling.

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Character work is a big part of a successful presentation in professional wrestling. All Elite Wrestling may be beloved for its leaning into the sports aspect of the industry, but there are certainly individuals on the roster who are showing out when it comes to their personas. “Timeless” Toni Storm is one such name, but she’s been accompanied by The Young Bucks. Their return has been some of the best work on the show each week as they continue to etch their name onto the top of the list of the best tag teams in the business.

At 38 and 34 years old respectively, Matt and Nick Jackson are at the perfect age for the hardest of hardcore wrestling fans. They know how to perfectly play to the base of fans that remain online, either consuming wrestling for hours or “talking” about it with others on social media. That embrace helped them become two of the most loved and hated individuals, even before AEW’s inception. This current run is the perfect encapsulation of not only their careers but where wrestling is today.

They returned in January to confront Sting and Darby Allin, setting themselves up as the team’s opponents for AEW Revolution. As Sting heads for his swan song on March 3, some attempted to question whether they are the right foils for the wrestling legend. But just as they do with much of the criticism sent their way, The Bucks worked all that animosity away. They’ve leaned into the characters of being two members of AEW leadership that have gone full power trip in their roles.

Critics openly attacked their statuses as Executive Vice President, especially as backstage antics continued to transpire. Rather than run from those accusations, The Bucks took those attacks and mixed them into their on-screen characters. Everything from the hats to the beards and the way they dress are shifted perfectly in a comically over-the-top manner. Even their beards, which were cut to mimic Vince McMahon and then Sting are an additional touch to their personas.

Yet again, The Bucks have kept their names in wrestling fans’ mouths and at their fingertips. Generated buzz and capitalizing on internet buzz remain one of their most important strengths. In many ways, they are the best representation of AEW’s mix of professional wrestling and sports entertainment. Whether heel or babyface, they draw fans in with their characters, and lock them in with excellent professional wrestling. Matt and Nick “get it” and this latest run further proves the point.

The Young Bucks versus Darby Allin and Sting will be a great match and moment at AEW Revolution. It will be interesting to see who gets their hand raised in the end. But regardless, Matt and Nick Jackson are playing into their roles perfectly.