The Young Bucks were the right choice for Sting's final opponents

Matt and Nick Jackson will go all out to make Sting look good in his retirement match.
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For months, we've known that Sting will end his Hall of Fame career at AEW's fifth annual Revolution pay-per-view in March. We also knew how "The Icon" would wrap things up: the 38-year pro will team with longtime AEW running buddy Darby Allin at the Greensboro Coliseum. We also know that known creep Ric Flair will, unfortunately, accompany Sting and Allin to the ring for this momentous occasion.

However, we didn't know who Sting and Allin would face at Revolution, but the Jan. 10 episode of AEW: Dynamite cleared things up. After Sting and Allin defeated The Don Callis Family's Konosuke Takeshita and Powerhouse Hobbs, Tony Schiavone asked Sting who he's facing at Revolution. Before the legend could answer, though, The Young Bucks made their surprise return and stared down the babyfaces, all but signaling their intentions to fill that coveted spot.

Apparently, this is a match that Sting wanted; outlets such as Fightful Select and Wrestling Observer Radio (subscription required) have discussed how he has a lot of say in how his final match goes, and the Bucks are at the top of his list for potential opponents. Given the Bucks' track record, Sting couldn't have a better team in mind for the task.

The Young Bucks are the ideal final opponents for Sting.

At this stage of Sting's career, opponents who can bump around for him and are willing to make him look like the legend that he is, and the Bucks excel in both of those categories. Over the years, Matt and Nick Jackson have used their exceptional athleticism to accentuate the offense of many tag teams, and if they can do it for a tandem like The Hollywood Blondes, they certainly will for Sting in his final match.

It doesn't take much imagination to envision how a match between the Bucks, Sting, and Allin could go: Sting and Allin get some babyface shine by pinballing the Bucks around, the Bucks cut them off and get the heat on Allin (a man who never met a gasp-inducing bump that he wouldn't take) while taking cheap shots at Sting, and Sting making one last big comeback. Of course, part of what makes The Bucks one of the greatest teams ever is their ability to work outside of a generic match outline, so you'd expect no different against Sting and Allin. But even if they stick to a more basic format, that should still allow them to produce a quality bout.

Either way, it speaks to The Bucks' malleability as wrestlers, as does their ability to work this match as clear-cut heels in this situation. The Bucks had already started wearing the black hats during their spat with Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho. However, even if they remained babyfaces, they could still take on the antagonistic responsibility to ensure Sting receives unanimous support at Revolution.

They also have no problem with losing to Sting. Contrary to how they present themselves on TV, the Bucks have often been selfless to a fault when it comes to jobbing (especially early in their AEW run, when fans thought they and the rest of The Elite lost too much). They'd likely be more than willing to count the lights for Sting as part of his sendoff.

Yes, the usual custom in wrestling is for the departing wrestler(s) to put over the one(s) who are staying, and that could happen, but the Bucks' status at the top of AEW's tag team division won't be hampered by a loss to Sting. Besides, no amount of HEEEEEAAAAT garnered from a Bucks win isn't worth putting a damper on Sting's swan song.

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After all, this is supposed to be a celebration of one of the most popular stars of all time, and fans should get to see him in the best possible light. And The Young Bucks are the best possible team to make that happen.