Three underrated members of the WWE women's division

It's WrestleMania season and while many women superstars are preparing for the big stage, while some may be left off the card. Three women in WWE's women's division come to mind as underrated members.
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With so much hype surrounding Rhea Ripley, Becky Lynch, Iyo Sky, and Bayley heading into WrestleMania season, let's not forget some women who have also shined over the past year. They may not be heading WrestleMania level just yet, but their stock is rising and we could see some changes on the horizon for them soon.

Understandably so, the top women in the company get the most television time and are the first to receive championship opportunities. There are more talented women in the division than ever before, which unfortunately causes some to be underutilized, or neglected in creative decisions. WWE is in dire need of a women's midcard title, but that is a discussion for another day.

Here are three superstars in the women's division currently who are being overlooked.

Chelsea Green

Ever since Chelsea Green has returned to WWE, she has reinvented herself and her character. Since returning surprisingly at the Royal Rumble last year, Green has taken over the role of "Karen". After returning, she quickly found herself in a tag team with Sonya Deville that would eventually give her championship gold as the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions. Immediately following that, Deville gets injured and has since missed a significant amount of time.

Creatively, Green ventured to social media and the Raw brand to hold auditions for her tag team partner. As we know, Piper Niven eventually cast herself as the winner, and the rest is history. The WWE Universe has warmed up to Green and it became clear in the 2024 Royal Rumble match when she was eliminated by Becky Lynch.

Her feud with current Raw General Manager Adam Pierce has been a phenomenal follow since her return last year and continues to this day. Green has become seasoned with her promo and mic skills. In addition to that, she has improved significantly with her in-ring ability as well. I was even watching an episode of Main Event recently and witnessed the crowd cheering for Green.

Although she has already reinvented herself on her current run in WWE, she will likely find herself included in the Money in The Bank ladder match for a championship opportunity. Honestly, don't be shocked if she wins the briefcase. She would be a perfect fit to hold the briefcase and much like Iyo Sky from last year, the WWE Universe would anticipate her cashing it in to win her first singles title in WWE.


After her WWE Women's Championship match against Iyo Sky a few months ago, Michin not only proved to me but the entire WWE Universe that she is a top-level superstar in the women's division.

She is currently in a storyline that is either heading toward a breakup between AJ Styles and the OC, or reuniting. Once that storyline is concluded, we will see an entirely new version of Michin that could finally land her some championship gold. She has recently found herself on the losing end of things, but things could be trending up for her soon.

Michin has not won a singles match on either Raw or Smackdown in over a year. It is clear watching in recent matches how much better she has gotten both in the ring and in developing her character. I believe this story ends with a heel turn from Michin. Still, whatever happens, after failing to qualify for the Elimination Chamber match, she will have her eyes on a spot in the Money in The Bank Ladder match, where she makes sense to win it as well.

Piper Niven

The final spot was tough to decide for an underrated superstar. There are so many that I believe are being overlooked currently in the women's division including Zelina Vega, Xia Lee, and others. But Piper Niven should've been a women's champion by now. She has been dealing with injuries including her current hand injury, but other than inserting herself into the tag team division with Green, she has had minimal opportunities at singles gold.

Niven has received some championship opportunities at house shows over the past year, but if you weren't at that house show you wouldn't even be aware of that. When Niven declared herself as Green's tag team partner, that was a dominant heel version of her that the company should have ran with.

She is bigger and stronger than most of the women's division and this version of her would work perfectly. It worked for them as a tag team, and it could work for her as a singles star. Once she dropped the Doudrop moniker, she also created a new version of herself that I hope lands her some singles gold. It's honestly surprising WWE doesn't push her more when she possesses many of the same traits in the ring as Raquel Rodriguez or Nia Jax. Niven is one of the most underrated superstars in the women's division.

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