Tiffany Stratton is destined for multiple title reigns

The Money in the Bank is looked at as a key to the future of a division and Tiffany Stratton looks poised to walk through that door.
Money In The Bank Kickoff Show
Money In The Bank Kickoff Show / WWE/GettyImages

Whether you like it or not, it’s Tiffy Time. Tiffany Stratton walked out with the Money in the Bank briefcase, much to the praise of fans watching at home and in the arena. Stratton quickly surged to being one of the hottest young competitors on the WWE roster, and she’s destined to be a multiple-time champion.

Stratton securing the Women’s Money in the Bank briefcase cements her position as “next up” in the women’s division. Between the main roster and WWE NXT, there’s a slew of young performers in the women’s division that fans have taken to very quickly. Stratton was perhaps the first one of this “new generation” to break through. Her feud with Becky Lynch over the NXT Women’s Championship made it clear that fans were ready to get behind her, and the momentum hasn’t stopped since.

Putting the briefcase on Stratton allows WWE to keep her high on the card, while giving themselves time before she cashes in to take the title. Her cash-in does not have to be rushed. At first glance, no one would be surprised if she did so against Bayley at SummerSlam. The current champion has a big match slotted against Nia Jax and that could easily win with Bayley successful but flattened on the mat. Especially as WWE plays up the potential partnership between Jax and Stratton. Or, the creative direction can go another route, where Stratton attempts to cash in on Jax.

Regardless if this is a quick or drawn-out cash-in, WWE is right to hitch its cart to Stratton. Her quick elevation on SmackDown has benefits for the rest of the ladies on NXT as well. As more come to the main roster, many have a history with Stratton that can be played on for their own stories. Take Roxanne Perez and Fallon Henley. They are two women with backstories against Stratton and two that are closer to a call-up than others in the division.

Stratton setting the stage for the future helps everyone. Putting the Money in the Bank briefcase is the right call as it opens the door up for everyone involved. With such a crop of talented performers coming up in NXT Stratton will be a key figure for the future of women’s wrestling and that means she’ll hold multiple championships along the way.