Will Ospreay versus Bryan Danielson is a major dream match

Will Ospreay versus Bryan Danielson at AEW Dynasty is a must-see match for all of professional wrestling.
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In 2024, professional wrestling and sports entertainment are on a tear. Sting’s retirement was an amazing celebration of his career. The Rock, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Cody Rhodes are poised to battle at WrestleMania 40. Bayley is getting the big singles match she’s deserved. AEW is bringing in the top stars to create some of the biggest matches. And the latest episode of AEW Collision revealed another dream match is on the way, Will Ospreay versus Bryan Danielson.

The moment that Danielson walked out at the end of AEW Dynamite, wrestling fans around the world felt their blood rush. Ospreay and Danielson could be considered numbers one and two when talking about the top wrestlers in the world. Where they fall on that list is up to the individual, but it’s hard to argue not considering them in that debate. And here it is that these two men are going to battle one on one.

This is what makes All Elite Wrestling so great. Ospreay versus Danielson doesn’t need some long and winding storyline. It doesn’t need a “can they co-exist” matchup. It doesn’t need a championship. This matchup is perfect as it is. Two of the best battling simply to prove they are the best.

So, let’s talk about the outcome of this dream match. And to do so, look back at Kenny Omega versus Bryan Danielson from September 22, 2021. These two men battled to a thirty-minute draw. Since then, they haven’t had the opportunity to run that match back; never building an answer to who is the better man in AEW cannon. For some, that’s an issue, raising claims to the “matches for the point of matches” criticism. Since that match nearly three years ago AEW has used the time-limit draw as a story beat in important, main event angles. With that in mind, Ospreay versus Danielson should end with some type of definitive outcome. Initial thoughts lean toward an Ospreay victory, as he’s the more likely man of the two to be seen with the AEW World Championship in the near future.

The old moniker of “styles make fights” also fits in scripted contests. This match will blend two interesting styles of professional wrestling. Ospreay’s high-energy, big-spot style against Danielson’s grounded, and “slower” paced game. Everyone is already captivated by the idea of how they will work together, even though the match is nearly six weeks away. That is a testament to the two men.

Will Ospreay versus Bryan Danielson is the type of match that immediately sells a PPV. They could set this as a single match and sell the entire show around it. With so many top names on the AEW roster, wrestling fans are in for a treat and this is just the first course.