Women's division helping AEW build momentum for 2024

AEW needed to build momentum after a lackadaisical start to Q4 2023, and the women's division is helping that push heading into the new year.
SiriusXM's Busted Open Broadcasts Live At The Whisky A Go Go Before Wrestlemania
SiriusXM's Busted Open Broadcasts Live At The Whisky A Go Go Before Wrestlemania / Timothy Norris/GettyImages

Coming into December, AEW needed to build momentum to close out what has been a strong year and lead into 2024. Many will say that has been achieved in a few ways. While the men’s division is killing it with the AEW Continental Classic, the women’s division is getting some much-needed attention in the way fans have pushed for years. That development puts the women’s roster in a key position to continue the momentum heading into the new year.

AEW is stepping away from the stereotype that only one story is told at a time. A few different angles are going on in the women’s division, all with their layers of development.

Toni Storm is continuing with what has been a hilarious run with her “Timeless” gimmick. In an age where it seems wrestling fans quickly grow tired of characters; she remains entertaining each week. While it would be great to see her have more matches, what she’s doing in her role is perfect for her character and it delivers.

Fans are waiting for Mariah May to make her in-ring debut. She plays her role perfectly, as it is an amalgamation of Mickie James’s role to Trish Stratus, with a splash of vaudeville characters from decades ago. Anyone familiar with her work knows she can perform. Some excellent matches against AEW stalwarts await and those pairings will certainly get fans to tune in.

And about “tuning in,” AEW Collision continues to see stronger ratings as the end of the year approaches. Many fans are attributing that to a return to pro wrestling as the primary focus and dedicating more time to women’s matches. While AEW doesn’t give as many matches per show, the company does give more time to those contests, which is showing positive results.

Julia Hart is continuing to grow in her role as the TBS Champion. The newly turned Skye Blue adds an interesting part to the equation, but that was overshadowed by Thunder Rosa’s return. The former women’s champion has been out for a year and made a shocking return on Collision, setting up a tag match for the December 23 episode.

There’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to women’s wrestling in AEW. Throw in Athena’s performance in Ring of Honor, and the company is slowly making the changes fans want to see – but there’s still a lot of room for growth. Here’s to the women’s division getting the same type of stipulation matches the men’s see – IE the Revolution Ladder match and Blood & Guts in 2024. The current focus on wrestling and building the ladies is working, Tony Khan must stay the course.

Jay White is the man to take the AEW International Championship. Jay White is the man to take the AEW International Championship. dark. Next