WWE is taking the right steps to build the women's tag team division

WWE has long neglected the women's tag team division and it is high time the group is getting the placement seen so far in 2024.
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WWE is three episodes into 2024 and there are a few things that are clear to fans who watch every week. One item is that WWE is focusing more on the women’s tag team division. This is finally coming after years of fans calling for change, and the company losing two of its biggest stars. As the division continues to take shape there’s a lot of potential and interest in what’s to come with women’s tag team wrestling in WWE.

Three shows into the new year and WWE have put at least one women’s tag match in front of fans each evening. Along with that, the groups are getting considerable time backstage for re-introductions and to establish characters, partnerships, and angles. What’s better, this has happened without the incessant practice of immediately breaking teams up once they lose or fail to reach championship status. These steps are heading in the right direction at a time when it is needed the most.

Right now, the division is being built around the new champions, Kayden Carter, and Katana Chance. When this duo was brought up to WWE Raw in the latest edition of the draft, many thought they would be lost in the shuffle, sentenced to months or longer in catering. That hasn’t been the case as they’ve received both strong booking in the ring and ample vignette time. They are a fun duo to watch and that’s translating to an increase in fan noise as their innovative offense continues to take shape.

WWE has established at least five different teams to flesh out the rest of the division. Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark seem to be the duo that is poised as “next up” in the group. They are playing well off each other and can become another iteration of The Bar. Think back to how Sheamus and Claudio Castagnoli started as foes and their bond built through violence created one of the best teams in the division. Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae are another group to watch as fans have long wanted to see both ladies get a better spotlight on the main roster. Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre are another capable duo and they are set to challenge for the titles on the January 19 edition of SmackDown.

There’s a lot to look forward to in this division. One challenge is figuring out how to keep the matches fresh. This is where the company would benefit from leveraging some of the women who are on NXT Lvl Up each week. Use them as enhancement talent that takes beatings from the more established groups. The in-ring time would benefit everyone and help build toward some angles in the future. Several duos on WWE NXT could use additional on-screen time as well.

WWE has more than enough television time each week to dedicate ample to the women’s roster. Building out the tag team division is a key step and over time it has the potential to be a fun part of WWE content for every show and PLE.