WWE made the right call to end ties with Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler is no longer contracted to WWE and that is the right move.
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Some interesting WWE news broke on Monday morning. According to PWInsider, Jerry Lawler is no longer with WWE as the company declined to renew his contract. This is huge news, because many regarded Lawler as a lifer, even though he was a problematic figure for many. This was the right move as the WWE continues to work to clean up the public perception of the organization as more comes out about its toxic culture. 

According to PWInsider, Lawler’s contract expired at the start of 2024. News of his departure only recently started to spread, as the last time he was included in headlines was an update on his health after suffering a stroke. Lawler was involved with the WWE as far back as December 1992, with the start of his wrestling career beginning back in 1970. His last match was in 2023 when he defeated The Beer City Bruiser at AML Acts of War Games 2. 

Lawler, along with Jim Ross, was a part of one of the key commentary duos in wrestling. He’s infamously remembered for his behavior during women’s matches, often screaming “Puppies” like a deranged grandfather. However, he was also maligned by fans as more news of his 1993 indictment for statutory rape became a talking point. He was indicted in Jefferson County, Kentucky for statutory rape and sodomy of a 15-year old girl. The charges were eventually dropped when the alleged victim recanted her story. 

WWE making the move to quietly cut ties with Lawler is the right decision. The organization is actively moving in a new direction and ending the contract of someone that was widely disliked publicly is the right call. This comes at a time when the promotion is working overtime to change the public’s narrative on its work culture, while being named in the Janel Grant lawsuit that includes Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis. This is the right decision, as Lawler isn’t needed on television any longer and his antics have long worn out their welcome. 

WWE long moved past a need for Jerry Lawler, as he and several other names from past generations do not belong on television or actively promoted by the company.