WWE MITB 2024 Predictions: Damian Priest Will BURY Seth Rollins

WWE MITB 2024 will take place on July 6, 2024, at 8 p.m. E.S.T., live on Peacock. Here are the full match card predictions.
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WWE MITB 2024 is next Saturday, and WWE has already confirmed that there will be a MITB Ladder Match for both the men's and women's divisions as well as a high-stake world title match featuring: Damian Priest (c) vs. Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Title. Sami Zayn will also be defending his IC Title against Bron Breakker in his home country of Canada, and The Bloodline will be in a huge faction war against the dream team of Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, and Kevin Owens, who have a ton of history with each other. Now that there are five matches on the card, it is time for MITB Predictions.

Iyo Sky vs. Lyra Valkyria vs. Ivy Nile vs. Chelsea Green vs. Naomi vs. Tiffany Stratton [Women's MITB Ladder Match]

The field for the Women's MITB Ladder Match is not complete yet. So far, the only confirmed contestants are Iyo Sky, Lyra Valkyria, and Chelsea Green. It is expected that Naomi, Tiffany Stratton, and Ivy Nile will win their MITB Qualifiers. Since Iyo already won MITB last year, she won't win. Although MITB is in Chelsea Green's home country of Canada and she would be eminently entertaining with the Briefcase, she won't win because she lacks ample momentum to be a future world champion. Unfortunately, for her, she won't get revenge for Piper Niven's recent loss to Bayley.

It would be too early for Lyra Valkyria or Tiffany Stratton to win since they just got called up to the main roster. Ivy Nile could win to solidify her nascent partnership with Chad Gable, but she lacks sufficient momentum to be a future world champion as well. By process of elimination, Naomi is the best option to win the MITB Ladder Match this year. Although she has been dealing with a string of losses and a lack of momentum lately, she has been a close ally of Bayley and maybe a pivotal heel turn or shocking betrayal could flip the switch for her if she cashes in on Bayley to win the world title.

Prediction: Naomi

Damian Priest (c) vs. Seth Rollins [World Title]

Damian Priest and Seth Rollins have one key thing in common: they both successfully cashed in MITB at Mania. There are high stakes in this World Title Match. If Damian Priest wins, Seth Rollins will never get another World Title Shot as long as Damian Priest is champion. If Seth Rollins wins, Damian Priest must leave the Judgment Day. Although the latter option is appealing due to the continuously teased dissension in the ranks of the Judgment Day, it is definitely a red herring. Damian Priest won't lose the championship to the man who held the title for 300+ days and only recently lost the title at Mania 40.

Prediction: Damian Priest

Sami Zayn (c) vs. Bron Breakker [IC Title]

While it would be nice for Sami Zayn to retain the IC Title in his home country, he has already outgrown the IC Title and needs to move onto the main event scene, where he truly belongs. Although it is a tad too early for him to win the IC Title since he only recently got called up to the main roster, Bron Breakker is a rising star who definitely needs the IC Title a lot more and has all the tools to be a compelling mid card champion. Triple H aims to have at least one title change that swerves the crowd at each PLE, and this title match seems to the one where that title change is most likely.

Prediction: Bron Breakker

Cody Rhodes & R-KO vs. Bloodline [Faction War]

Cody Rhodes has Legacy history with Randy Orton, and he would not have met Young Bucks to create AEW if it wasn't for Kevin Owens. If anyone could help Cody fight The Bloodline, it would be R-KO. But can Cody Rhodes trust a snake with an eye on his title? It seems that Cody Rhodes vs. Solo Sikoa for the World Title is the plan for SummerSlam, but Orton will betray the team and officially set up a match with KO at SummerSlam before targeting Cody for the championship in fall 2024. Due to this betrayal, Bloodline will win and Sikoa will get the momentum he needs for his title match.

Prediction: Bloodline

Main Event Jey Uso vs. Chad Gable vs. Ilja Dragunov vs. Carmelo Hayes vs. Andrade vs. Santos Escobar [Men's MITB Ladder Match]

The field for the Men's MITB Ladder Match is not complete yet. So far, the only confirmed contestants are Main Event Jey Uso, Chad Gable, Carmelo Hayes, and Andrade. It is expected that Santos Escobar and Ilja Dragunov will win their MITB Qualifiers. Main Event Jey Uso is the betting favorite to win this match due to his popularity, merch sales, and infamous catchphrase. However, he has never won a singles championship in his career and is better off winning a mid card belt before advancing to the main event scene. Andrade and Escobar don't have enough credibility to win MITB.

It would be too early for Carmelo Hayes or Ilja Dragunov to win since they just got called up to the main roster. Chad Gable could win to solidify his nascent partnership with Diamond Mine, but he lacks sufficient momentum to be a future world champion as well. Instead, Gable will be replaced in this match due to more Uncle Howdy shenanigans, and the superstar who will replace him his arch nemesis and Canada's own, Sami Zayn. Despite losing the IC Title earlier that night, Zayn will make it up for his home country by winning the MITB Briefcase with a guaranteed shot at the world title.

Prediction: Sami Zayn

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