WWE must handle Bo Dallas's eventual return correctly

There's an Uncle Howdy tease in the Bray Wyatt documentary, hinting toward a potential return for Wyatt's younger brother, Bo Dallas.
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Bray Wyatt’s tragic story is one that few will forget. He left an impact across the industry that is being talked about and celebrated. The Bray Wyatt documentary is receiving high praise for the presentation on the star who is no longer with us. The doc also included some imagery that hints toward an eventual return for Bo Dallas. It’s a return that must be handled correctly due to the stakes of what his brother meant to fans.

Fightful Select reported that sources have confirmed that the teaser in the documentary is a hint toward Dallas’s eventual return. The timetable for said return isn’t set, as the report also mentioned that WWE has no plans to “rush Dallas back.”

Wyatt was such a beloved figure and his death was such a shock that it left fans perplexed. Much like Brodie Lee’s passing in 2020, Wyatt’s death left an impact on all organizations, with companies and stars across lines showing him love. It is one of those moments where tribalism went away.

It’s that same love and admiration that is going to put all the fans behind Dallas. They are going to want to see him elevated in a way that does “right” by Wyatt’s legacy. What does that mean? That’s for WWE to figure out and represent the product well. Doing more harm than good would cut into the goodwill that the promotion has garnered with fans in recent months.

Think back to Eddie Guerrero’s passing nearly twenty years ago. For a moment after his passing his nephew Chavo Guerrero saw an influx of support. It didn’t build into a massive singles run for him, but it’s one that is still met with chants of “Eddie” in the year 2024. Bo Dallas is going to get a similar, if not bigger response.

The word “capitalize” isn’t the right one to use, but it is what comes to mind when thinking about how Dallas can be elevated because of this moment. While he didn’t get the opportunity to showcase much of his skills on the main roster, Dallas can work. He held the NXT Championship for 280 days and fans pushed his pairing with Curtis Axel to a title run as the B-Team. Fans haven’t forgotten that Dallas is a talented performer and the tragedy that impacted his family gives them another reason to stand behind the 33-year-old performer.

Bray Wyatt’s death broke the hearts of millions of wrestling fans around the world. As WWE begins to hint at Bo Dallas’s eventual return, it is imperative that this moment is managed with all the care in the world.