WWE NXT gets a big star back with Wes Lee

Wes Lee made a surprise return to WWE NXT, setting up a major angle between he and Oba Femi.
WWE Monday Night RAW
WWE Monday Night RAW / Alex Bierens de Haan/GettyImages

WWE NXT picked up a surprise return during the April 30 episode. Wes Lee came through the crowd to confront Oba Femi, shocking many in the wrestling world. After what some speculated could be a career ending injury, Lee’s not only back, but he’s cleared for action, giving NXT a boost with another fan-favorite performer back on the roster.

Fightful Select released a free update on Lee Tuesday evening. The report confirmed that Lee is cleared and that he was expected to miss nearly a year if not his entire career. When fans last saw Lee, he gave an emotional promo informing everyone that he would have to step away from action. And when things looked their bleakest, good news started to come out. On March 13 he posted a video to Twitter showing him getting back into the ring for the first time. Now, one month later, he’s poised to return to competition.

With Lee’s return, NXT gets back an individual who can play many roles. He’s already worked as an excellent baby face. He held the NXT North American Championship for 269 days, cementing himself as not only the longest-reigning champion, but the best champion that title has seen so far. During that time, he put on some great matches throughout the run. Contests against Carmelo Hayes, Dijak, Nathan Frazer, Tyler Bate, and others. Lee set the tone for how that championship should be carried and no champion has lived up to it since.

Now, the question is where does Lee fit into the equation? Oba Femi has been tagged as the next big thing, both literally and figuratively. With his potential being tagged as a PLE main eventer, his time with the NXT North American Championship may not be over as quickly as it began. Do fans get this big singles match immediately? The answer should be no.

WWE doesn’t have to rush into a big match between Femi and Lee. There was a time when not only would that match be thrown together, but it would be rematched over and over until fans would forget why it was important. Now, stories are being told over longer periods and Femi versus Lee should get the same treatment. Allow Femi to establish himself as a dominant champion, while Lee works through some big matches with his peers on the roster. There are several names in NXT and on the main roster that could come back to give him a run. Regardless of the pieces brought in, WWE should delay giving fans Femi versus Lee until the build is so big there’s no other choice.

No one wants to see performers forced out of professional wrestling due to injury. There was a moment when it looked like that would be Wes Lee’s fate. But he’s back and gives WWE NXT a big name heading into its debut on CW.