WWE should make a full court press to sign Kamille in 2024

The free agency race of 2024 is going to be hot all year and Kamille is a name that should be at the top of the list for the WWE women's division.
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The 2024 professional wrestling free agency race is in full swing. Major names are heading to new organizations or already popping up on screen. Several others are expected to be free agents throughout the year, and fans are hoping to see them in the ring with some of their favorites. Kamille is one name that isn’t coming up frequently, but is a performer that WWE should make a full court press to obtain. 

On the surface, Kamille looks like a perfect fit in the WWE system. She has the size and stature of similar performers that the company has coveted and over time her abilities in the ring have matured more in the direction of sports entertainment versus professional wrestling. PWInsider went as far as to report that she was offered a WWE NXT contract, but there wasn’t word on if she’d accepted the deal. 

During her tenure in NWA, Kamille was one of the featured acts in the company. An 812-day run as NWA World Women’s Champion can’t be ignored, even if it was in a company that is well below where it once stood in the industry. What that time did give Kamille was an opportunity to grow into a role and build the abilities which would come in handy on a larger platform. WWE could be that platform. 

Don’t bat an eye at Kamille making a run in WWE NXT. Many scoffed at the idea that Jade Cargill could end up with a stint on the Tuesday brand, but WWE has yet to debut her. Instead, taking a slow approach to make sure she’s 100% ready before putting her in front of what can be a voracious crowd. Kamille would benefit from the same treatment. Getting time in front of NXT has proven to help with development before heading to the main roster. She wouldn’t need to be there long, but long enough to mold into the style of superstar that WWE presents each week. 

The pro wrestling industry is coming off a big 2023 and it looks like that momentum isn’t going to slow down heading into 2024. Several big moves are expected to happen and Kamille is a name on that list. WWE seems to be a front-runner among the companies at play for her abilities and that would be a great system for her to continue to develop.