Zelina Vega signs a new deal and should get a stronger push in 2024

The WWE women's division continues to turn a corner in recent months. Heading into a new year, Zelina Vega should see more time in the spotlight.
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Contract season is alive and running in professional wrestling. As free agency news continues to break, several big names across major promotions are signing new deals. One such individual is Zelina Vega. PWInsider reported that the former women’s tag team champion has signed a new deal with WWE. Vega should be praised for her work, especially recently as a member of the Latino World Order. Looking at her past performances, and all that she could potentially bring to the company, Vega is due for a stronger singles push in the women’s division.

Vega has an excellent track record in sports entertainment. Looking at her time in WWE, fans may be quick to refute that idea, but Vega is one of those individuals that makes an entire roster work, especially within WWE. This is a company where sports entertainment reigns supreme, and Vega checks all those boxes. When given the opportunity, she’s more than competent in the ring. With the right colleagues, she can put on a strong match. But where her full talent comes into play is her character work which is among some of the best in the WWE.

Look back to her being paired with Andrade in WWE NXT. While he was great in the ring, it was Vega’s character that helped push him to the next level. When the COVID-19 pandemic nearly shut down wrestling, WWE leaned on Vega as the central heel character that helped put the spotlight on Angel Garza and Andrade across two shows. And more recently, she’s done well as a key part of the LWO as that group goes through their split. Vega gets all things sports entertainment and that is one area where WWE thrives.

Vega also has a crossover appeal that should be embraced by the organization. She’s well-known in gaming circles. Everyone knows how well video games and professional wrestling go together, so having another big personality to take up space in that industry is important. Everyone remembers her Juri cosplay attire in the Royal Rumble, but she is also featured as a guest commentator for Street Fighter 6 – one of the top video games of 2024. As the gaming industry continues to grow year-over-year, seeing the WWE better leverage her in that space would be a big career boost.

And don’t forget the big reaction that Vega received at Backlash. She’s a proud Latino performer that can also be a draw in those areas of the world. As WWE continues to embrace the practice of heading outside the US for PLEs and attraction events, featuring Vega in more spots would help when it is time for them to move to Hispanic and Latino countries.

The WWE women’s division is heading in the right direction. While there’s still work to be done, it has made some improvements in recent months. With a new deal in her back pocket, it would be great to see Zelina Vega get more of the spotlight heading into 2024.

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