TNA Sacrifice Preview: Undercard Matches

TNA Sacrifice is set to have eight matches. Four matches will have with a title on the line, you can preview those matches here, but there will also be four grudge matches. You can see the full card here.

Here is a preview for each one of those grudge matches:

Kurt Angle and Willow vs. EC3 and Rockstar Spud

Andrew’s Take: Kurt Angle has finally returned to TNA after his long-awaited injury angle. Okay, so let’s face it, having Kurt Angle on Impact did not stand out as a big deal? Angle and EC3’s feud has died down, this match feels like an Impact main event and not quality of a pay-per-view. With that being said, I have not high hopes for this match and with that being said, they need to continue these feuds so Rockstar Spud and Carter the Third get the win to continue this feud.

Andrew’s Prediction: EC3 and Rockstar Spud

Mike’s Take: This is an interesting match. If EC3 and Spud win, it shows how much they’re getting behind EC3 because the win won’t be because of Spud. I think they see a lot in him and want to put him over, and I think that was the goal of his feud with Angle all along. However, I think that Spud gets pinned in this match, and that leads to EC3 getting the best of Angle, clean, at Slammiversary in June.

Mike’s Prediction: Kurt Angle and Willow

Tables Match: Bobby Roode vs. Bully Ray

Andrew’s Take: Once again another match that feels like an Impact main event. This feud is the main thing that’s going on in TNA right now. Bully Ray is trying his best to be a good baby face, but he fails in comparison to the mega heat that Roode is getting from the crowd. Smart Money would have Roode to go on and win this match I think that’s the direction TNA is going. Expect this to be the match of the night.

Andrew’s Prediction: Bobby Roode

Mike’s Take: It’s funny how everybody complains about WWE never using gimmick matches on TV, because TNA still does and it makes matches like this feel like they are not PPV worthy. I want to care about this match because I like both guys, but I just can’t. I’m bored with Roode right now and Bully is a much better heel than face. I guess the best thing to do is have Roode get the win, but it’s probably something stupid like Roode goes through a table, but the ref’s unconscious and just sees Roode put Bully through a table. I really hope that doesn’t happen.

Mike’s Prediction: Bobby Roode

I-Quit Match: James Storm vs. Gunner

Andrew’s Take: This feud feels like it is gone forever is there an end in sight? If so, I want to know when. Gunner has beaten Storm and Storm has beaten Gunner’s father, so with that being said, when is the end? They’ve had single matches, steel cage matches, and now they are going to have and I-Quit Match. With gimmick matches supposed to be the be all, end all to a feud, can we really say an I-Quit Match is the end? God, I hope so. Gunner wins and hopefully ends this field.

Andrew’s Prediction: Gunner

Mike’s Take: This feud really needs to end now. I don’t want a Rock-Mankind ending where a recording of Gunner says “I quit” and he loses. TNA doesn’t want you to forget that this guy used to be a Marine, so I can’t imagine them having him say the two magic words. Gunner should win this, and put an end to this never ending feud.

Mike’s Prediction: Gunner

Committed Match: Ken Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw

Andrew’s Take: Well finally, this will be the end of this feud, or at least I hope so. All signs point to Shaw going away for awhile, but I think TNA will give us a swerve and have Anderson lose this match. Shaw needs this win more than Anderson does.

Andrew’s Prediction: Samuel Shaw

Mike’s Take: Like Storm and Gunner, Anderson has a chance to put over a younger guy, but TNA doesn’t have a good track record of that, especially with heels (see: Magnus). If TNA truly wants to move forward with younger talent, Shaw needs to win this match clean.

Mike’s Prediction: Samuel Shaw

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