The 5 Best Moments of the Week in WWE: Night of Champions Fallout

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WWE Night of Champions has came and gone and so too has another week in the world of the WWE.

It was an interesting week in the wrestling world. While the matches at NOC were of top quality, many people were frustrated and confused with the finish of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match.

Monday’s Raw followed the trend of below-average installments of the companies flagship show, Main Event didn’t feature the number of solid matches we have came to expect, NXT was average and, as only WWE could do, they ended off the week with one of the most exciting SmackDown’s in recent memory.

So while it was an up and down week in terms of the programming, we did have some top moments. We had Rusev showcasing his dominance until a giant stopped him in his tracks, Gold and Stardust battled The Usos in a couple of fantastic WWE Tag Team Championship matches and we witnessed the return of the hottest superstar on the roster today.

With all of that being said, here are your top 5 moments of the week in WWE: