Wrestling Matches That Didn’t Meet the Hype

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Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

When promotions hype their product and make the statement of “match of the century” or “biggest game of the century”, they are trying to make you more interested in the product. They are telling you that you cannot miss this event or you’ll regret it – it’s a once and a lifetime moment. Unfortunately a lot of those “matches of the century” or other box office hyped events usually fall far from expectations set by the promotion or wanted by the fans.

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The professional wrestling world is not immune to this same fate. There have been some very hyped events and matches that fell flat on its face. It is far less of an occurrence in professional wrestling than in boxing. With boxing you have the unknown element of what could happen – wrestling it is usually the fault of creative or poor booking.

Here is my opinion of some of the biggest hyped matches that ended up to be some of the biggest let downs in professional wrestling’s recent memory.

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