Ranking All 30 WWE Hell in a Cell Matches

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29) Mankind vs. Kane – WWF Raw is War, August 24, 1998

Mankind and Kane were, at the time, the WWF Tag Team Champions. During this episode of Raw, Kane turned babyface to help Undertaker fend off Paul Bearer. Mankind would come into the ring and take the same punishment from the brothers. This led to Kane and Mankind going into Hell in a Cell.

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Mankind tried climbing the cell but with Undertaker at ringside, the Dead Man tossed him off and into the Spanish announce table. Certainly reminiscent of what happened at King of the Ring.

After some brawling inside the cell (including Kane going back-first onto tacks), Austin came out from under the ring and caused the match to end in a no contest. This is despite Hell in a Cell matches being no disqualification.

Austin would beat up Kane and hit two very awkward Stunners on the Big Red Machine to end things.

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