WWE Royal Rumble 2016: Triple H Should Win the Rumble Match


With the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the line in the Royal Rumble match, is Triple H a lock to win?

With Vince McMahon announcing on Raw that the Royal Rumble will now be for the WWE World Heavyweight title, it begs the obvious question; Who’s going to win?

Well, there are only a select few that have the talent to be WWE champion, so the list of possibilities is pretty short. But it certainly seems like there is a perfect storm of events that allows for Triple H to walk out of the Royal Rumble as WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

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Vince obviously made this match in order to stack the odds against Roman Reigns. The narrative follows that he doesn’t want Reigns as champion so he’s going to do whatever he can to make sure he loses it, right? But here’s the problem, the winner can’t be just anyone, because the Authority could just end up in conflict with that guy instead.

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What if Dean Ambrose won the title? Or John Cena? Or pretty much any babyface? That would lead to the Authority having issues with that guy, and their problems not really being solved. Thus, they are going to need to have someone win the Royal Rumble who they know is on their side. It probably won’t be Sheamus because that would be the most boring result in history, and it probably won’t be anyone else in the League of Nations because they aren’t main-eventers as of right now. So who does that leave as the obvious choice? The Game.

Think about it, he has all the makings of a Royal Rumble winner. Let’s run down the list.

  • He hasn’t appeared on TV since Reigns attacked him (not counting NXT), so he’ll be a surprise entrant that a lot of people had forgotten about.
  • He is part of the Authority so he could make sure the title is in their hands for the time being.
  • He doesn’t currently have an obvious WrestleMania opponent, so a match with Reigns for the title is a pretty obvious candidate.
  • He can put Reigns over at WrestleMania, leading to Reigns finally having his big WrestleMania moment.

Unless the Authority recruit someone new to work for them, Triple H is the only obvious choice to win the Royal Rumble and put the title back in the Authority’s hands. It doesn’t seem like WWE is planning to discontinue the Reigns vs. Authority angle anytime soon, and the only obvious way to continue that is to put the title on Triple H and have Reigns as the challenger again, culminating in a WrestleMania main event.

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All signs are pointing to a returning Triple H walking out of the Royal Rumble as WWE World Heavyweight Champion.