EVOLVE 55: Results and 4 Great Moments


At EVOLVE 55, the tag team champions will be decided, plus a whole lot more, so, who won?

Before we get to EVOLVE 55, here are the results from Saturday night’s EVOLVE 54 show:

  • Team Tremendous (Dan Barry & Bill Carr) def. The Premier Athlete Brand (Anthony Nese & Caleb Konley w/So Cal Val) in the First Round of the Second Chance Tag Tournament
  • Matt Riddle def. Fred Yehi in the Style Battle tournament
  • Tommaso Ciampa def. Ethan Page
  • Drew Gulak & T.J. Perkins def. Zack Sabre Jr. & Sami Callihan in the First Round of the Second Chance Tag Tournament
  • Tracy Williams def. Peter Kaasa in the Style Battle tournament
  • Johnny Gargano & Drew Galloway def. the Bravado Brothers in the Semi-finals of the EVOLVE Tag Title tournament
  • Chris Hero & Tommy End def. RPG Vice (Rocky Romero & Trent Baretta) in the Semi-finals of the EVOLVE Tag Title tournament

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Now, the results from Sunday’s EVOLVE 55 show:

  • EVOLVE Tag Team Title Tournament Finals: Johnny Gargano & Drew Galloway def. Chris Hero & Tommy End
  • EVOLVE 2nd Chance Tag Tournament 4-Way Elimination Match Finals: Team Tremendous def. RPG Vice, the Bravado Brothers, and Drew Gulak/TJ Perkins
  • Style Battle Tournament Finals: Matt Riddle def. Tracy Williams
  • Special Challenge Match: Sami Callihan def. Zack Sabre Jr.
  • Caleb Konley def. Tommaso Ciampa
  • Four Way Freestyle: Anthony Nese def. Ethan Page, Fred Yehi, and Jason Cade

Here are 4 great moments from the afternoon!

1) Callihan’s Redemption

In his match against Zack Sabre Jr, Sabre took advantage early, working Callihan’s limbs to the extreme, making his left arm almost non-existent in the process. It should be noted Callihan was selling like crazy whenever he was put in a submission hold, yelling to the rafters every single time. Callihan worked his way back into the match through taunting and brute force and eventually gutted out the big win. He also got sick to his stomach on the outside of the ring, so, fair to say both guys put everything they had into this match. It’s amazing, how good Callihan looked here (Sabre, as well), and yet, WWE couldn’t do anything with him. Maybe, down the road, he’ll get another shot with them. Later in the show, Callihan came out and actually kicked EVOLVE Champion, Timothy Thatcher, as well as Andrea, before receiving a piledriver from Tracy Williams. Looks like they are setting up a match between Thatcher and Callihan down the road.

2) Matt Riddle Continues to Climb the Ladder

Riddle and Tracy Williams was an absolute strike-fest that left both men battered from head to toe. We even saw both men go to the top rope, which was highly uncharacteristic of both wrestlers. Eventually, the submissions came more into play with Riddle getting Williams to submit to a nasty heel hook. With this win, Riddle was the victor in the Style Battle Tournament finals and is still undefeated in EVOLVE. After the match, Riddle got on the mic and demanded an answer from Thatcher about a future title match, once Thatcher came out, Riddle said some not so nice things about the EVOLVE champion, and finally received an, “Okay” out of Thatcher. Riddle is quickly becoming one of the best heels in this company, bro.

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3) A Fighting Champion

It should be pointed out when Riddle called out Thatcher, not only did the EVOLVE champion have to answer to the former UFC fighter but Kaleb Conley, who felt that Thatcher has been ducking him for months. Conley, himself, is on a hot streak, felt like he deserved a shot at the champ, and made his point clear by slapping Thatcher multiple times in the face! If that wasn’t enough, Callihan came out and kicked the champion, showing – in a not so subtle way – that he was coming for the title, as well. This is all wonderful booking that puts a giant target on the champion’s back, which is the way it should be, everyone should want a chance at the title, and I’m sure Thatcher is going to have no problem giving anyone that chance.

4) Team Tremendous

Dan Barry and Bill Carr might be the most polarizing tag team of the weekend, I would constantly see people on Twitter saying how much they loved or hated these two, and at first glance, I could get the dislike. Rocking comical outfits, neither have the “typical” look of a wrestler, but they made a fan out of me by the end of the weekend. Initially, Dan Barry’s smooth athleticism surprised and intrigued me, but Bill Carr was a maniac in their elimination match with huge Boss Man Slams and I mean, just watch the big man fly! Ultimately, Team Tremendous got the big win this afternoon, so they will get a guaranteed tag title shot on a future card, as I write this, I see people on Twitter not liking that they got the win; good or bad is better than no reaction!

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The night ended with Drew Galloway and Johnny Gargano as the first EVOLVE Tag Team Champions, it was a match that initially spilled out to the crowd, but found its way back to the ring, with plenty of strikes, and insane double team maneuvers that made it difficult to figure out if the match would ever end! Gargano and Galloway will be great draws as tag champs, making for a very interesting tag division. A great show to end the weekend, EVOLVE continues to impress, if you haven’t tried out a show yet, definitely think about it in the future.