The Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness Review: Episode 2


Breaking down the second episode of Edge and Christian’s WWE Network show.

WWE did not waste any time in showcasing the second installment of the Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness. Having just debuted after last nights Fastlane PPV; the second episode premiered right after Monday Night Raw. The first episode was enjoyable and had some segments that look very promising for the season. However the second episode did not go back to any of those segments. Fans are wondering exactly what the identity of this show is, and the newest episode may or may not have answered their questions.

The opening segment featured Edge and Christian cracking jokes  about all the rave reviews the first episode received. This eventually for whatever reason devolved into having their supposed writing team making WWE wrestler based jokes. The jokes were all terrible puns, so bad that even Becky Lynch may not have laughed at. The next highlight of the show was E and C doing fake movie tryouts by impersonating fellow wrestlers.

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Edge threw in a good line about Cena not needing the script because he plays Captain America every Monday Night. Christian had a decent Vince Mcmahon impression for his pretend audition of Ron Burgundy. The next part of the show was very fun.

Zack Ryder made an appearance on the program, claiming that Edge and Christian were not hype. He dropped multiple F bombs, and had a funny Val Venis reference. After watching a very trippy video package E n C were both hyped! Christian then smashed a bottle over the head of Zack Ryder. Fittingly ending the segment.

This episode featured the hosts E n C to constantly make fun of The Miz. Using their intern to interview The Miz, and asking him awkward questions. They then interviewed Summer Rae via Skype, and were able to dig up new information on The Miz. According to Rae, The Miz on the set of The Marine 4 used more makeup and fake eyelashes than she did.

Throughout the program E n C constantly referenced the GTV spy cam used in the Attitude Era. Al Snow even made an appearance. The GTV footage was used so much during the show that E n C tried to find out who was behind the camera all along. So they supposedly found out who it was, that being the Gobbledy Gooker. Who by the way has his it’s own Twitter account because…reasons. The show ended with two puppets of Vince Mcmahon and Triple H, making a WCW joke and Puppet H (it has a Twitter account too, not even joking) saying NXT.

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It doesn’t look like we’ll really know what this show is supposed to about. But in weird sort of way that is probably what the show is. There really is no point other than Edge and Christian doing random things. Which for 20 or 30 minutes can honestly be a fun time, but this episode was a bit lackluster. Here’s to the next installment maybe having a little bit more structure; and of course lot’s of fun.