Why Sami Zayn Will Benefit from Chris Jericho Feud on WWE Raw


Sami Zayn has been lost in the shuffle since being drafted to Raw, but a program with Chris Jericho is just what he needs.

We are less than six months removed from Sami Zayn tearing down the house with Shinsuke Nakamura at NXT TakeOver: Dallas. They stole not only the show, but the entire WrestleMania weekend. The match was his last in NXT and it was a fitting farewell to a man that was vital to the rise of the brand. Since then, Zayn has not had much to sink his teeth into. Other than adding more chapters to his saga with Kevin Owens, he hasn’t been able to carve out his place on the main roster.  Enter Chris Jericho, the trusty go-to when someone needs their status elevated. A strong program with Jericho is what Zayn needs to truly connect with the audience on Monday Night Raw.

Connecting with a crowd has always been a strength for the former ROH. Before signing with WWE, he was hugely successful on the independent circuit. Wrestling under a mask as El Generico, he performed all over the world. The popular “Ole!” chants heard today are a callback to his El Generico persona. On NXT, he continued his success with several high profile matches and an NXT title run. Upon his arrival in WWE, his long time rivalry with Owens was firmly established and Zayn was on his way.

And then… the brand split happened. The draft selection to Raw hurt Zayn’s character by giving him no direction. Most expected he and Owens to be put on separate shows since their feud had just culminated. Instead, both were drafted to Raw. In the time since, Owens has become champion while Zayn has struggled to find his place. On SummerSlam last month, Zayn got left off the main card and thrown into a pre-show tag team match. He hasn’t had an opportunity to shine thus far on the Raw brand.

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One man that is shining brightly on Raw is Chris Jericho. He is doing some of the best work of his career and working with Zayn is a great option. The feud kicked off with an amazing Highlight Reel segment with Jericho belittling the former NXT Champion’s lack of success compared to Owens. Reality based angles are generally most effective, so playing off Zayn’s frustrations with his spot on Raw is smart. The segment was one of the best promos Zayn has been apart of on Raw thus far. The two are showing solid chemistry with each other right from the start. Jericho will also be a nice match with Zayn in-ring. Both men have diverse styles and great creativity in the ring.

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Plus, Sami Zayn is helped by eventually coming out on top in this feud. He will benefit from a signature win over a former world champion. Losses do not hurt Jericho. In addition, elevating his opponents is a unique talent Jericho possesses. A prolonged program with Jericho also gives Zayn the opportunity to flash his strong in-ring work and promo skills. Zayn’s work with Jericho will help him return to the prominence he experienced in his NXT run.