Why Drew McIntyre turned heel during WWE Monday Night Raw


Drew McIntyre finally made the move to align himself with the Judgement Day, bringing on the full heel turn that fans have predicted for weeks. 

For over a month now, WWE has been dropping hints that Drew McIntyre’s character was about to take a turn for the worst. After years of being under-utilized in the company since the COVID-19 era, Mclntrye has gradually grown resentful, bitter, and angry towards The Bloodline and several members of the Monday Night RAW locker room.

Last Monday on RAW, Mclntyre made his defining choice, costing Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships against Judgment Day. Mclntyre struck with a Claymore to the face of Jey Uso just outside the ring, rolling him under the bottom rope to be pinned.

After the match had concluded, Rhea Ripley appeared once again to Mlcntyre at the top of the ramp, offering him her hand. Mclntyre grins and shakes the hand of the Eradicator, inferring a new alliance has just been made. Jey and Cody look on in disappointment, as they see a good man who was successfully corrupted but the manipulative persuasion of Rhipley.

The exact reason for Drew’s decision remains unclear. Earlier on during the show, Mclntrye even showed Seth “Freakin” Rollins respect after he failed to capture the world title from Rollins at Crown Jewel earlier this month. Mclntyre assured Rollins that he would work his ass off to eventually earn another opportunity.  Little did Rollins know, McIntyre was planning an alternate plan that would result in him having a strong group of Allies in Judgement Day.

The showing of mutual respect between the two assured many that Drew would not be turning heel. However, WWE does its best to keep viewers on their toes and mislead the audience as best they can so they can later be surprised. However, anyone who has been keeping an eye on Mcintyre for the past month knew that this heel turn was practically inevitable.

Whether it’s to have support in his continued quest for world title gold, or just due to being a crybaby, Mclntyre’s alliance with the Judgment Day spells disaster for the RAW roster, especially at Survivor Series.  With this alliance made, Drew may end up being the fifth man on Judgment Day’s team for their anticipated War Games match against Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, Jey Uso, and Sami Zayn. Names for the fifth man on their team have been thrown around as well, but that’s a different story. Regardless, Rollins and Drew are bound to clash in this match, after McIntyre was telling lies to Seth backstage.

It’s still unclear if Mclntyre will become a permanent member of the Judgment Day. The faction already has 4 male members, with JD McDonough becoming a full-blown member the same night Drew turned heel. However, there would be room for another member if one were to be kicked out. Just looking back at the opening segment of last Monday’s RAW, Senór MITB, Damian Priest went out of his way to announce himself as the leader of Judgment Day. Rhea later had words with the priest regarding his prior claim. While Priest apologized, there’s still confusion left in the faction. Rhea swapping Mcintyre in for Priest would certainly put an end to any remaining confusion.

As if Judgment Day needed any extra help, Mclntyre would be an amazing addition to the faction. Since 2020, Mclyntyre has been a face who is only used to put over other talent. A change is long overdue in Drew’s character, especially after many were worried that Mclntyre may have left WWE after WM39, being absent from TV for some time. As a heel, Mclyntyre can now make a bigger impact in WWE whether he ends up officially joining the Judgment Day or not.

Looking past Survivor Series, Rollins is bound to give Mclntyre another shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. This time, it’s likely that WWE will end this feud with McIntyre as Champion, needing to take the easy way out to achieve success. However, Mclyntyre has proven time and time again that he belongs in the main event picture. Drew is more than worthy of a world title victory and a reign that a champion can be proud of, maybe even all the way to WM40. 

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