Matt and Jeff Hardy Tease WWE Return After ROH Supercard of Honor (Video)


Matt and Jeff Hardy may have laid out a tease for their WWE return, following Ring of Honor’s pay-per-view.

The idea of Matt and Jeff Hardy returning to WWE has gained steam. They recently received an offer from the company, the terms of which are unknown, but felt like it made it inevitable for a comeback on programming.

To add to this, Hardys lost the ROH World Tag Team Championship to the Young Bucks at Saturday night’s Supercard of Honor pay-per-view. The post-match celebration seemed like the end of things between the two sides, too, and may have spelled the last time the Tag Team Specialists appeared in the Honorable Ring.

Well, after the show, the Hardys spoke to Chris Van Vliet of Heel Marks: A Wrestling Podcast. Take this as you will, but it sounds very much like they have a few targets that are in WWE, specifically ones that have titles (h/t Cageside Seats):

"“Meek Mahon is very, very high up, yes. Roman Reigns is another one. I get requests for his deletion all of the time, yes. Sometimes (we get requests for John Cena), Roman Reigns has… he’s more of John Cena than John Cena is right now if you can understand what I’m saying. But I would say probably the first two people we would mark for deletion would be The Usos, who have gold that we would like to procure and also The Club, who have gold that we would like to procure.”"

Jeff finished this by saying “It’s pro wrestling, anything is possible.” That sounds good, right?

Well, there is that thing called WrestleMania going on at 5:00 p.m. ET on Sunday. It’s WWE’s biggest show of the year, which has featured surprises in the past. Could that lead to the Grandest Stage of Them All being “deleted?”

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For those hoping Matt and Jeff Hardy are returning to WWE, we may be able to see over the next few days if that wish comes true. Do you want to see them back?