TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for April 6

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Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews Pick Their Teams

Bruce Prichard returned to the ring to moderate the two commentators. “Fire Josh” chants from the crowd greeted Impact’s authority figure. Josh won the coin toss and his “number one pick” was Bobby Lashley.  As a first pick, the World Heavyweight champion, formerly known as “the destroyer” is definitely a good choice.

JB responded with naming Alberto El Patron as his first pick. El Patron ran out to the ring to confront Lashley and “Si” chants rained down upon the Impact Zone.

Josh’s second pick was “the Chesterfield Plague” Bram and JB’s second pick was “off the roster” and it was Chris Adonis, better known by his WWE moniker “Chris Masters.”

With his third pick, Josh chose the “Namer-of-Dummies” Eli Drake, who was once again accompanied by Tyrus to the ring. Prichard quickly informed Tyrus that he had no reason to come out because his name was not called. Then, swerve “this is my team!” said Mathews and the team of Lashley, Drake, Tyrus and Bram attacked El Patron and Adonis. In comes the returning Matt Morgan to help Team JB.

The Blueprint was serenaded with “Morgan” chants during this stare-down with Lashley. We see someone exiting a limo, are told that must be JB’s fourth pick and then are told to go online to see who it is. Impact end.

Even when they’re not TNA, they are so TNA.

Spoiler: It’s Magnus

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