WWE Rumors: AJ Styles Staying on SmackDown Live?


Could AJ Styles be staying on WWE SmackDown after all?

AJ Styles’ name has been a topic of discussion with the upcoming “Superstar Shake-up.” This includes him moving from SmackDown Live to Raw, and the New Day being the ones coming back in a trade. It’s all speculation, though, something that won’t be determined for another handful of days.

Well, could plans have changed for Styles? According to PW Insider, he may be staying on the Blue Brand after all. However, a few old friends — Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson — are potentially reuniting with him. This would reform the Club, a group that lasted for only two months, due to the 2016 WWE Draft.

The Phenomenal One sticking around on SmackDown is an interesting call, meaning WWE may like where he’s at and the impact he’s made on the show. This includes helping lead the way when John Cena left for outside media commitments, and holding the WWE Championship for over four months. He also headlined the Backlash, No Mercy and TLC PPVS, all of which were SmackDown-exclusive shows.

Bringing Anderson and Gallows back to Styles could be something to watch, but does he need these two at his side again? While it likely means the former TNA star is staying a heel, he hasn’t needed to be part of a group, doing work to more than justify being on his own. Anderson and Gallows are quality talents, but

Anderson and Gallows are quality talents, but may be resorted to taking pinfalls and doing dirty work for Styles, much like the first incarnation of the Club. It didn’t do much for their careers, as they thrived afterward with holding the Raw Tag Team Championship.

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Should Styles stay on SmackDown and reunite with the Club? Let us known below.