WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for April 10

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Kingslayer’s Fate

Seth Rollins starts off his twenty-minute promo with ten minutes of content by recapping WrestleMania and the immediate aftermath. In fairness, it’s not so bad to hear him say what he said. The problem is that it’s a week too late! You couldn’t spare a couple of minutes on last week’s post-Mania show to address this? Maybe it got cut when Roman Reigns absolutely killed the opening segment.

Once the WrestleMania recap is done, Seth gets to the meat of his spiel. He wants to stay on Raw, because he’s got a bunch of unfinished business. Sure, because dealing with Stephanie McMahon and getting jumped by Samoa Joe is way more fun than being in the main event with AJ Styles.

But I digress. Rollins knows that Stephanie wants him gone, and he says he’s gonna fight to stay on Raw. This brings out new GM Kurt Angle to announce that he’s going against Stephanie and keeping Rollins on Monday nights. Angle respects that Rollins did the impossible – he was the one-legged man who won an ass-kicking contest.

And hey, mention Samoa Joe, and the dude shows up like he’s Beetlejuice. I can’t believe Sami Zayn didn’t give Seth the heads-up about that. The best part of the pull-apart brawl with no pulling apart? That Kurt Angle looked like he desperately wanted to jump in and fight both guys, but he’s under orders to not get physical yet. One day, Kurt, one day.

Kevin Owens Speaks

Poor KO. I don’t think anyone told him The Kevin Owens Show is getting a new Tuesday time slot.