Big Show Gets Emotional Ovation After WWE Raw (Video)


After WWE Raw went off the air, Big Show received a warm ovation from the fans.

Big Show is going through a career renaissance at age 45. He’s in remarkable shape, doing this after receiving “please retire” chants from the WWE Universe for a handful of years. It also had been done for a match with NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal at WrestleMania 33, which fell through. However, the work Show has done to get to this stage has received appreciation from the fans, something seen after Monday’s edition of Raw.

To close the show, the World’s Largest Athlete and Braun Strowman went head-to-head. It was a rematch from their encounter earlier in 2017. These two battled for 15 minutes, going past the 11:06 end time for Raw, but they made grand use of their time. This saw Strowman superplex Show, breaking the ring and causing the Ohio State crowd to go wild.

As Raw went off the air, Strowman got to his feet and stood tall, seemingly unphased by what happened. We didn’t see what happened with Show, though. WWE posted video of him after Raw, rising to his feet as the crowd chanted “Thank you, Big Show.” He seemed emotional as they did this.

It looks like Show appreciated the crowd for thanking him, giving them a salute as he walked down the ramp. This not only seemed like they loved what he did, but gave him an applause for recognizing the work he’s done in WWE for almost two decades.

What Show and Strowman did in the ring was entertaining, even if you predicted the ring breaking. It made for a memorable moment, one of the first that can be added to the Monster Among Men’s resume, which built off his destruction of Roman Reigns seven days earlier.

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Are you thanking Big Show after this? What did you think of the ring breaking?