WWE Raw: What is Finn Balor’s Motive?


Now that Finn Balor is back on Monday night Raw, what is his next target? Will he go after the Universal title?

Finn Balor would make an emphatic return to Monday night Raw. He would grab a few decisive wins mostly over enhancement talents like Jinder Mahal and Kurt Hawkins as we saw this week on Raw. The former is now the number one contender for the WWE title (take a moment to let that sink in). However, it goes without saying that neither of these performers are on the level of the Demon King.

The Irish superstar would forever be remembered as the first ever Universal champion. Moreover, Balor never truly lost the title. It is another feat that Balor has so far been unpinned in the WWE main roster. As such, the Demon King has a multitude of reasons to go after the title he never lost. Finn Balor himself promised us when he forfeited the title on Raw that he would come back for it as soon as he is healthy.

Well, it has been close to a month now since his return and we are yet to see any signs of that. As it stands, Balor could be closing in on a singles feud with the New Face of Fear, Bray Wyatt. Moreover, Finn himself has not made any comments on the Universal title. The Demon King returned to team up with the very man who had put him on the injured list.

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The Universal title now resides with the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar. While it would be mesmerizing to see Balor in his Demon attire battle the beast for the title, there does not seem to be any signs of it at the moment. We have already had rumors about upcoming plans for Lesnar Vs. Strowman. Moreover, we have heard rumors about Lesnar Vs. Reigns at WrestleMania 34. As it stands, there is no place for anyone else at the title picture. It would be more apt to say that creative have booked themselves into a tight corner here.

Placing the title on Lesnar or Goldberg in the first place was unnecessary, to begin with. Now, having booked themselves into a sticky corner, creative would have to pull off something incredible to not hurt the product. Lesnar isn’t known for making that many appearances at any point in time. Moreover, when Lesnar doesn’t show up, the Universal title doesn’t show. That deprives stars like Balor and even Rollins of fulfilling their character’s destiny.

There is only so much Finn Balor can do at the moment, apart from chasing the gold. Even going after the IC title would be a step down for the Demon King. After coming back from an injury that forced him to give up the title, he should have already been on the hunt for it. He should have at the very least, confronted the Beast or given out any hints about it eventually. Creative can drag this only so far without Finn chasing the Universal title. Even a feud with Bray Wyatt wouldn’t be a fitting placeholder for that.

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For the moment creative seems to be unsure of what to do with Balor. It could be months before we see the gold on his shoulders again. What are your thoughts on this?