WWE Payback 2017: 3 Predictions for Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns

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2. Roman Reigns Overcomes the Odds, as Always

Whether you like it or not, this might be the most likely scenario come April 30. WWE has been high on Reigns ever since the SHIELD split. He has won multiple WWE titles and has been heavily featured in every Royal Rumble match. Hardly a night goes by when Reigns is not the center point of the show. As such, there should be strong reasons to think Reigns would lose to Strowman.

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There is a catch to this kind of an ending though. Of course, the most obvious way to get Strowman over would be to have him defeat Reigns. However, WWE has been clever with the way they use Reigns at times. Consider his number 30 entrance during this year’s Royal Rumble for example. Had any other new era star emerged through the curtains at that spot, the crowd would have been furious over Orton’s win. But Reigns was able to absorb that negativity very well for the WWE.

Part of Strowman’s rise in popularity can be attributed to his attacks on Reigns over the past few months. However, while saying that, I am not taking anything away from the big man. He has consistently put in great work in the ring and has always been willing to take the risk. Strowman was given an opportunity and he has made the most of it. The crowd’s hatred for Roman Reigns has also rubbed on him to make him an immensely popular anti-hero.

Regardless of Reigns losing or winning at Payback, the fans would continue to boo him. However, if Strowman loses to Reigns again, the fans would madly cheer for him. To every WWE fan, cheering for Strowman would be a way of protesting against Roman Reigns.

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Moreover, another loss at the hands of Reigns could infuriate Strowman even further. He could perhaps assault Reigns once more after the match, taking him off television for a while. The following night, Strowman could continue his attack until Angle gives him a Universal title match against Brock Lesnar. Perhaps, this could be the direction that creative is also planning for the Monster Among Men.