WWE Payback 2017: 3 Predictions for Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns

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1. A New Foe Costs the Match for Roman Reigns

We have been going over this feud for far too long. To shed some perspective, these two met in a decisive match at Fastlane. The Big Dog got the win that night. As such, there is no particular reason to revisit this feud after giving it somewhat of a break with Reigns-Undertaker saga. Hence, it is high time to move both these superstars to other feuds.

As far as Strowman goes, he has already broken the glass ceiling in terms of popularity and stardom. WWE needs to make the most of this and feature the big man in more number of matches. Reigns should not be his priority anymore. The Universal title should be. The same could be said about Reigns as well. It’s time we saw him face someone other than the Monster Among Men for a change.

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Having someone interfere in the match and target Reigns could accomplish a number of things. First, it would give creative a way to keep Reigns protected. Secondly, Strowman getting the win would send the fans home happy and propel him towards a title shot. Lastly, this would set up Roman Reigns’ next feud.

The question is who would do that? Therein lies the problem of Monday Night Raw‘s present landscape. There aren’t a whole lot of villains who could make this work and seem like a sane idea. Had Kevin Owens been still on Raw, this would have worked. If Y2J was still a heel, this could have worked. The Miz is the only credible heel who could perhaps pull this off. But seeing as he is embroiled in a feud with Dean Ambrose, the odds are slim. Who else could work this angle then? In comes Samoa Joe!

The two Samoans crossed paths once which was Joe’s debut on the main roster. Seeing as Joe already has a match with Rollins that night, there is logic in him trying to take down Reigns as well. Joe could defeat Rollins for good earlier in the night and could be out for blood during Reigns’ match. He could sort of go on a vendetta against all three members of the SHIELD should he feel like it. Else, creative can easily place heat on Joe against Reigns with a simple backstage segment.

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A feud between Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns would be a great option. It has the added advantage of propelling Strowman towards a rightful title match he deserves. Moreover, the fans would get to witness the two Samoans trade right hands and heavy hits to determine the ultimate Samoan Bad ass.