3 Reasons Bray Wyatt Will Suffer While on WWE Raw

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Bray Wyatt was a top star while on SmackDown Live. But now that he’s on Monday Night RAW instead, he won’t achieve anywhere near as much success.

On Apr. 10, 2017, Bray Wyatt was drafted to RAW during the Superstar Shake-up. This was a major surprise that no one saw coming. After all, Wyatt has been involved in a deep storyline with new WWE Champion Randy Orton for months. Now, without much explanation, Wyatt’s on RAW and has an uncertain future on that show.

The decision to shift Wyatt to RAW at the last minute, leaving many people bewildered at the decision. On one hand, it was a genuine surprise that no one expected, and we all know how much Vince McMahon loves to swerve the audience with unexpected changes.

In theory, being drafted to RAW would be a good thing for Bray because a) it’s perceived as the bigger show, and thus Bray is deemed a more important star; and, b) Bray could be involved in new feuds that could lead to some exciting matches down the road.

On the other hand, Bray Wyatt’s shift to RAW presents some major challenges as well. There are many words to describe RAW as a show, and one of them is ‘overcrowded’. The show is filled with many stars that skirt the line between midcard and main event, and Bray’s likely to be just another name on that list. By being drafted to RAW.

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Bray Wyatt loses out on his uniqueness as a character, and now risks losing all the upward momentum he had gained over the past eight months or so as a SmackDown-exclusive superstar.

Ultimately, Bray Wyatt’s more likely to suffer while on RAW than he is to succeed. Here are the three biggest reasons why…