3 Reasons Bray Wyatt Will Suffer While on WWE Raw

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1. His Feuds Won’t Mean Anything in the Grand Scheme of Things

At this point, there are only two rivalries for Bray Wyatt to have that make the most sense. The first would be one with Finn Balor. A Wyatt-Balor feud would be awesome, partly because both of their characters (and in Balor’s case, his ‘Demon Balor’ alter-ego) would make for an interesting pairing, to say the least.

The other logical match-up would be a final confrontation between Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman. This one makes the most sense because of their shared history as part of the Wyatt Family. Moreover, While Bray has plateaued in some respects as a character and as a wrestler, Strowman has improved by leaps and bounds, to a point that he’s arguably the bigger and more popular star of the two of them.

Alas, while both feuds would indeed be interesting, the only thing that truly matters, in the end, is who wins. Despite his awesomeness, Bray Wyatt isn’t likely to win either rivalry, regardless of which one comes first.

Balor’s the more likely victor because he’s one of Triple H’s personal favorites as a wrestler, and despite some injury setbacks, there are obvious plans for Balor as a major star on the RAW roster, possibly as a No. 2 or 3 babyface underneath Roman Reigns.

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As for Strowman, his monster push (pardon the pun) is an obvious indication of where his character is going. He demolished Roman Reigns, and has looked dangerous and unstoppable in virtually every segment he’s been in.

Since he’s also rumored to be challenging for the WWE Universal Championship in the foreseeable future, having him to lose to anyone other than Reigns wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Thus, if Balor and Strowman end up being Bray Wyatt’s first two opponents on RAW, he’s likely to lose in rivalries against both of them. This would harm his booking in a major way. A loss to Balor, who is smaller than him, would make him look weak in the eyes of casual, less-savvy fans that still believe in the mentality that the bigger guy should always win.

A loss to Strowman, who was, at one point, his apprentice/underling, would make Bray look weak by suggesting the more experienced Bray is unable to topple a man with less understanding of wrestling than himself.

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Thus, whatever the circumstance, Bray Wyatt ends up on the losing end. No one’s truly sure why he was drafted to RAW, but it was a major mistake in hindsight.