Braun Strowman Set Up to Lose ‘Predictable’ WWE Raw Match


Braun Strowman will be a heavy favorite for his Dumpster Match with Kalisto on WWE Raw, but the result may not be as clear cut as it looks.

On the most recent episode of Raw, Braun Strowman comically dragged Kalisto out in front of a handful of talent and dropped him into a dumpster. Strowman did this as part of his demolition of the roster backstage, waiting for proper competition from Raw General Manager Kurt Angle. In response, Big show attacked Strowman and set up a match for later that night.

This wasn’t exactly the best way for Kalisto to make his first Raw appearance since being moved in the Superstar Shakeup, but it’s seemingly leading to more, because he made a challenge to Strowman. “I challenge you to a dumpster match,” Kalisto said on Twitter:

Angle later confirmed the match for Raw on his Twitter account, setting up something that, on paper, should be a one-sided decimation.

Something about this seems off, though, at least with its timing. This will happen just six days before WWE Payback, the show Strowman is expected to face Roman Reigns at. Reigns hasn’t appeared on Raw since being destroyed by the Monster Among Men earlier in April.

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We don’t know what this Dumpster Match will entail. Maybe it’s exactly like what Strowman did to Kalisto on Raw, by placing your opponent inside the dumpster? Is this only being used as a foreign object with the match being won by pinfall or submission? There are possibilities, which likely won’t be found out until the show.

If this match isn’t going to be won by pinfall or submission, then it sets up a Reigns return. He can assist the diminutive Kalisto — who doesn’t come off as a believable victor in this scenario. They can toss the former Wyatt Family member into the dumpster, while no one takes a pinfall or submission (especially Strowman before Payback). It’s not exactly a great look for Strowman to be thrown into a dumpster, but this is WWE, and they have their plan on who’s being made the heel and face — even if you disagree.

This would be WWE’s way of giving Reigns a big-return showing, getting him momentum toward Payback, since Strowman has looked dominant throughout the month. It’s the WWE booking we’ve come to know and get accustomed to.

If this happens, it would be Reigns’ first time involved in something in the ring on Raw since the night after WrestleMania 33. He famously said one line, as fans jeered and shouted expletives at him for 15 minutes to start the show. We recently looked at if WWE is intentionally hiding the Big Dog from Raw.

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Raw may very well be Reigns’ night, but how will it impact Payback? It should make for an interesting viewing on Monday night, especially in a match that seems like predictable from its set-up.