WWE Rumors: Reason for Jinder Mahal’s Main Event Push


Jinder Mahal’s push on WWE programming has everything to do with the company’s expansion in India.

To the surprise of many, Jinder Mahal became the No. 1 Contender to Randy Orton’s WWE Championship, a match that will take place at Backlash in May. Mahal won this opportunity in a Six-Pick Challenge on SmackDown Live.

The part that turned everyone’s heads was Mahal’s placement just one week prior. He had been in a mini-feud with Mojo Rawley, something that carried over from New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski’s role at WrestleMania 33. Mahal even lost the match to Rawley on SmackDown.

However, we’re in store for a push of the former 3MB member. According to F4WOnline.com, it’s due to WWE focusing on better reaching out to the market in India, which they hope will make them more money. There’s nothing on if the WWE Championship will be put on Mahal at Backlash.

If WWE is prepared to go all-in on their pursuit of the India market, then maybe they’ll put the belt on Mahal. It would make waves throughout their Tuesday night programming, going in an unforeseen direction. That means having Mahal going over Orton, a creative idea that has potential in both directions.

WWE put the Singh Brothers behind Mahal on SmackDown Live, so it seems they’re taking the 30-year-old’s push seriously. If they add NXT prospects Jeet Rama and Kishan Raftar with them, then this could become an intriguing development.

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We still have just under one month until Backlash takes place on Sunday, May 21. So, there’s plenty of time for things to continue with Mahal’s push on SmackDown. It means he’ll be getting main event looks for the next four episode of the Blue Brand. If you had wanted more of the Maharajah on your TV screen, then you’re about to get it.