4 Predictions for WWE Raw: April 24, 2017

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The Eater of Worlds Makes a Physical Appearance

This Monday, there’s a good chance that Bray Wyatt could have his first match on Raw since the Brand Split. He’s been present in a non-physical capacity since the Superstar Shake-up, only appearing to deliver his ominous promos. While he seems to have his sights set on Finn Balor, the Eater of Worlds must first combat a familiar foe.

Still fuming over his WrestleMania loss to Randy Orton, Wyatt wants to silence the Viper for good. Challenging him to the first ever “House of Horrors” match, the former WWE champion is eager to entrap Orton in his own personalized version of hell. Despite the fact that the WWE Championship won’t be on the line, this is a huge opportunity for Wyatt. A big win over an established veteran like Orton will allow him to regain the momentum he’s lost as of late.

Seeing as how he hasn’t competed on television in weeks, a short match on Raw could benefit Wyatt immensely. It would remind fans how deadly he can be, and not to underestimate him in the slightest.

Heading into Payback, it’s crucial that Bray Wyatt be perceived as a threat to Randy Orton. Their WrestleMania encounter didn’t do either man any favors, and so they should feel the need to put on a stronger performance this Sunday. In order to do so, the live crowd needs to be invested in the feud. Unfortunately, an unknown gimmick match and no title on the line hurts the anticipation in a big way. Orton and Wyatt are going to have to make up for this in the match itself, but can they get it done?

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