WWE Raw 5 Takeaways: Alexa Bliss is the Star of the Show

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1. The WWE Knows What It’s Doing With Braun Strowman

You can incessantly insult the WWE for its inability to build stars and its inability to keep their built stars on top, but one man they haven’t screwed up (yet…it is early, after all) is Braun Strowman. “The Monster Among Men” lost to Roman Reigns at Fastlane and couldn’t even score a victory at the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale, but all of that is forgotten.

Since WrestleMania 33, Strowman has been involved in some of the greatest segments on WWE television. The man flipped over an ambulance with Roman Reigns in it, he ransacked the locker room before tossing Kalisto into a dumpster, and he absolutely destroyed Kalisto last night after his opponent had the audacity to defeat him (by fluke).

Strowman is the biggest monster in the WWE, and not a single person in the company has improved more in the ring than he has over the past year. He deserves every bit of praise and every bit of screen time he’s received, and there’s no doubt in my mind that he will decimate Reigns at Payback. There is no other way to book Strowman this Sunday, and the WWE has shown that they care about how they use the former Wyatt family member.

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I love the fact that Strowman lost to Kalisto in a bizarre way. He didn’t need to beat Kalisto, whereas the latter needed some sort of increase in momentum after literally being thrown into the garbage. Strowman’s loss allowed him to showcase the unbridled rage that has made him such a fan favorite, and I hope Raw continues to build him. Yes, he will be “fed” to Universal champion Brock Lesnar, but there’s no shame in losing to “The Beast Incarnate”.