5 WWE Stars Braun Strowman Needs to Destroy Next

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1. Brock Lesnar

For Braun Strowman to truly embrace his newfound status as the new Brock Lesnar, he must defeat the original. Brock ‘s the biggest star in WWE right now, an athletic freak of nature the likes of which we might not see for a long time. He’s a true monster, but like all monsters, his time at the top is running out.

Since returning to WWE, only three wrestlers have defeated Lesnar in 100 percent clean fashion: John Cena, Triple H and Goldberg. None of these men are in WWE’s future, while all the current stars that have fought Lesnar have lost to him. There’s no good reason to keep Lesnar with such a winning streak, so he should lose to Strowman at some point in the future.

If Strowman were to defeat Lesnar clean, his credibility would shoot through the roof. He’d be seen by everyone as a true threat, a genuine monster, and a believable juggernaut. Lesnar’s the only person in WWE to have genuine credibility, and it’s time for that to be used to help a rising star in WWE get over.

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Maybe if WWE were to that, and Braun Strowman were to have some true credibility, people might actually care about his upcoming match with Roman Reigns. If Strowman were to beat Lesnar at some point, maybe they’d believe Strowman will play a bigger role in WWE’s booking. That way, people wouldn’t simply dismiss Strowman’s current booking as another method for Reigns to get over with a crowd that still hates him.