Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for April 27

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Impact Tag Team Championship Match
LAX (c) vs The Decay

Result: LAX def. the Decay via pinfall

The Decay took control initially in this match and immediately looked for weapons.  After the destructive devices were set up, Homicide gets involved to turn the match in LAX’s favor.  The gritty factor is turned up when LAX gains control.  Abyss uses himself as a human shield to allow Crazzy Steve to take out both members of LAX.  The kendo stick was the tool that causes the most damage but Abyss started to throw chairs.

Rosemary’s mist blinds Abyss and he is sent into one of the barbed wire boards.  Diamante takes care of Rosemary after her miscommunication.  Abyss is taking all the abuse in this match as he has another board crashing on him from the corner swanton.  Crazzy Steve look to end the match with a dive through a table but it’s cut off.  LAX puts Steve through the table that was showered in thumbtacks with the powerbomb, blockbuster combo.  Ortiz and Santana retain their Impact Tag Team Championships in the street fight against the Decay.

This match was an amazing way to end the show on a high note.  With Crazzy Steve potentially on the way it, it may give way for VOW to take a shot at LAX.  Also, Reno Scum is out due to injury and it begs the question of who is next to challenge for the tag team championships.  Hopefully, more will be cleared up on next week’s Impact Wrestling.

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