WWE: Is Breezango Destined to Become SmackDown Tag Team Champions?


Tyler Breeze and Fandango ‘Breezango’ have shocked us all by winning the ‘Beat The Clock’ challenge on this week’s Smackdown Live, does this mean they could defeat The Usos as No. 1 Contenders?

Nobody was expecting that Breezango would actually win the ‘Beat The Clock’ challenge and become the number one contenders for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship, but they did over came the odds. In their match against The Ascension they beat the time set by American Alpha by almost half, and in an instant have pushed themselves to the top of the division. Considering they have not been utilized much on television, has the time come to finally give this duo the push they deserve?

It actually makes sense that Breezango have become the No. 1 contenders, Smackdown Live prides itself on being the land of opportunity. American Alpha have had their chance against The Usos and as great as their matches are with them, we need to see some fresh feuds. The Colons would have made great contenders as well, being the new kids on the block, however being heels going against heels would not be an easy task to pull off, same goes for The Ascension. Tyler Breeze and Fandango have been working hard since the Draft, working no matter what and making this insane gimmick of ‘Fashion Police’ actually work. They absolutely deserve to have a bigger spot and that time has finally come for them.

However do they actually stand a chance against The Usos at Backlash? It did not seem like they stood a chance to get the contenders spot, so anything is possible. It would make for an interesting match and story going ahead if they did win the titles and became the next Smackdown Tag Team Champions. A feud with The Usos could even extend to Money In The Bank, if they did not win at Backlash but managed to finally defeat them at the next event. A real Cinderella story would definitely work for these guys, they can gain the momentum.

There is nothing wrong with throwing a wrench into the works especially for the tag team division, it has been at a bit of a stand still lately. It has finally started to get exciting again and unexpected contenders really makes things interesting. Anything at all can happen in the WWE landscape, and seeing this happen makes the product a lot less predictable. If we can be surprised by the product, the more we will want to keep tuning in, so it is a right move.

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Whether Breezango will ride this train short or long term remains to be seen, but hopefully this means they are getting some sort of push and actually become credible threats. The pair are very talented in the ring and provide some great entertainment with the gimmick, they could be quite fun as champions. We can only see what the future holds for this team, but this win has been a long time coming.