WWE Stock Watch: Baron Corbin Continues to Roll

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2. Falling: Enzo Amore

It feels a little cheap to put Enzo here, but the man has absolutely no momentum. I still think Enzo and Cass should have been traded to SmackDown Live, because they have nothing going on Raw. At least Big Cass was a part of a tag team victory over The Club and Samoa Joe, teaming up with Seth Rollins and Finn Balor for the win.

Why wasn’t Enzo a part of the equation? Well, The Club knocked him out, so Balor ended up replacing him. Cynically, that led to a higher quality match and furthers a potential Balor-Rollins storyline that involves The Club becoming “The Balor Club”.

But when it comes to Enzo and Cass, moments like this don’t help. They don’t seem like a threat in a tag team division currently owned by the Hardy Boyz and Shesaro, and we all know Dash and Wilder will hold those titles sooner than later. Enzo, in particular, has little going for him, and the rumor that Vince McMahon enjoys seeing the “Certified G” bump certainly seems to hold water.

If Enzo and Cass break up, which is always a possibility and is one that writers continue to mull over, then the future doesn’t look bright for the man with the “Gift of Gab”.