WWE: Sheamus and Cesaro’s Heel Turn is Best for Business


Sheamus and Cesaro finally made the transition into a heel duo at WWE Payback, attacking The Hardy Boyz after their victory. The feud continues and it makes things very fresh.

There is no doubt that Sheamus and Cesaro have been a fantastic tag team after Mick Foley paired them up last year after their Best-of-7 Series. They are two very different men and have different styles, however, they mesh like it is nobody’s business and have become a fantastic team. They are former WWE Raw Tag Team Champions and their position as a team is stable and there is still a lot to explore with them. A heel turn has come at the right time for them, it keeps them fresh and adds a new dimension to their fantastic feud with The Hardy Boyz.

It was a natural progression and they made the turn in the best possible way, the post-match loss attack. It was a great swerve moment at Payback, and their new attitude works extremely well. They have taken to it naturally, it has been some time since Cesaro has been heel and he is back in the role without hesitation. Their promo explaining their actions on Raw was perfect, they sold it extremely well and it also gives The Hardys more motivation to explore their ‘Broken’ gimmick.

Already they signaled for ‘Deletion’ on Raw, and there is a lot of potential for this feud to grow even more. Sheamus and Cesaro have put the start on breaking The Hardys and they can continue to do it and bring out something special in their opponents. The match at Payback was fantastic, even if Jeff Hardy did lose a tooth. They have a lot more matches left in the tank together and it is quite possibly one of the most exciting things about Raw. It is a smart move giving them TV time and not over exposing these four men, it keeps an intrigue about the feud open and going.

So why is this heel turn best for business? It keeps things interesting in the Tag Team Division on Raw, it brings new depth and character to a well-established team who needed a change. The odds are in Sheamus and Cesaro’s favor to win Tag Team Turmoil next week to gain contendership. The feud between them and The Hardys is far from over, however, if another team can gain the upper hand it could lead to a more intricate feud and they could be out there to make sure The Hardys lose. Whatever happens, there is a lot of potential for the division as a whole but certainly for the four men discussed here. Raw finally has a very solid Tag Team Division and the story lines going are interesting and it is becoming some must see television.

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While the division may be growing, there are still some changes that need to be made, the direction so far is heading in the right way. Big Cass and Enzo need to split, we need different match ups and finally, The Golden Truth are getting TV time. Who knows what could happen at Raw‘s next PPV event, and where the division will be. Sheamus and Cesaro are really leading the charge and they have the chance to be this year’s most memorable Tag Team.