Has This Been Chris Jericho’s Best WWE Stint?


The past 14 months have been busy for Chris Jericho as he feuded with AJ Styles, teamed up with Kevin Owens and then proceeded to feud with Owens. Has this been Jericho’s best stint yet?

It has been quite the run for Chris Jericho, he has had a fantastic time this run in the WWE with headline feuds and a partnership that has been like no other. Unfortunately, the time has come for the man to take time off in order to tour with his band Fozzy, so let’s examine this stint and whether it has been the best of his career. He has come and gone several times, and each return he has changed things up and expanded his character. Jericho has done both face and heel successfully, falling into the roles he is given.

This time around we have seen a different Jericho, there has been a huge essence of fun and an enthusiastic vibe that has caught on with the WWE audience. Perhaps it has been who he has worked closely with like AJ Styles, their feud and matches were quite a lot of fun and it was something new and fresh that we have not seen before. This was a top start for this run, he was in the spotlight straight away and for the short amount of time it existed Y2AJ was great. The feud lasted long enough to slingshot both men into WrestleMania and to move on to other things.

Before long the natural pairing of Jericho and Owens happened, the chemistry between the two is fiery and when they were together there was no reason not to sit up and pay attention. The amount of entertainment these two provided was unlike anything we have seen recently, they were the best parts of Raw for weeks on end. An eventual feud was inevitable, however, the teasing lasted for so long and it kept us all in suspense. The ‘best friends’ routine was a fantastic gimmick to go with, and who else but Jericho could get over things like ‘stupid idiot’, ‘it’ and ‘The List’?

It all came to a head when Jericho managed to get Owens in a Universal Title Match against Goldberg, Owens was not happy. So Jericho organized the Festival of Friendship, where of course Owens turned on his best friend. The subsequent feud was fantastic, to say the least, the promos both men had were a clinic on how to use the mic. The matches they had for the US Title were extremely entertaining and Jericho even made Owens tap out. After all, has been said and done, Jericho never failed to put on a great show. Using things like ‘The List’ was pure genius, adding names for whatever reason was the spot to see.

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With all the fun that has been had, the achievements he’s accomplished and the entertainment he has given us, this is definitely one of his best stints. It is obvious how much he loves his job and that has shone through with every appearance. He will be greatly missed while he is gone, but with Owens taking over he will keep us all watching and waiting.