WWE SmackDown Live: Predicting the Future of the United States Title


Now that Chris Jericho is heading to Tuesday nights with the WWE United States title, what lies ahead for the prestigious championship?

The WWE United States title rests on the shoulders of Chris Jericho after Payback 2017. As per the stipulation, Y2J would now become a part of SmackDown Live going forward. However, seeing as he is soon set to go on another tour with his band, it might not be long before the title switches hands. Moreover, creative could make better use of Owens on Monday nights as a credible heel. He is now free from the clutches of his feud with Sami Zayn as well.

However, the recent developments leave the United States title out in the open on SmackDown Live. AJ Styles was indeed supposed to face Kevin Owens for the title. However, plans could change now that there is a new champion. Moreover, Styles vs. Jericho would employ a face vs face dynamic which is never exciting. To cap it off, these two have had an extended feud in the past.

Hence, all signs could point towards a new No. 1 contender. Fans have been clamoring for Sami Zayn to get a shot at a title on the main roster and actually win it. Considering Jericho would have to drop his title soon, now would be a good time for the same. However, we would run into the same problem yet again. This match too would be a face vs face dynamic.

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One would have to go back to the drawing board to decide on a new challenger for Y2J should plans change now. Enter Jinder Mahal. The Maharaja has been the latest case of the blue brand’s miracle booking. Mahal has been involved in the WWE title picture at the moment. Becoming the top contender to the title was the biggest moment of his entire WWE career. Winning the US title could be the next big moment of his career. However, creative would have to decide on a way to get to this point. Mahal is occupied with Randy Orton at the moment. Moreover, we were in the middle of a nice feud between Styles and Owens before KO, unfortunately, lost the title.

The plan to put the title on Jericho and to retain Owens on Raw could have been a last-minute one. This is especially true when one considers how fierce his program with Styles was being made to look like. Perhaps creative might be thinking to place the US title on the Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rollah until Mahal is done with Orton. He may or may not have a title defense with Styles. As prestigious as the United State title is, it always felt like a step down for Styles, who should be competing for the WWE title instead.

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Chris Jericho has always been one to put young and upcoming talents over. He has done it for everybody from Fandango to Styles. He could very well do the same for Mahal as well. Jinder Mahal could very well be your next United States champion. What do you think about that?