John Cena’s 5 Greatest WWE Singles Matches

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John Cena might no longer be the full-time face of WWE, but he has still managed to have an extensive catalog of great matches, especially in the last two years.

John Cena is one of the most polarizing wrestlers in modern history. This isn’t just because of his status as the perpetual babyface of the company and his extensive time in the world title picture. It’s also due to the notion that many people debate about whether or not Cena can actually wrestle.

The idea behind this debate is that Cena is the poster child of the concept of ‘5 Moves of Doom’. It’s the notion that Cena’s matches are all structured in the exact same way, with little if any variation or element of surprise. This has been proven to be more or less true when it comes to an average Cena match with little-to-no consequences in terms of storylines and booking.

But when Cena’s in a big match with major implications, that approaches changes significantly. Throughout the past 15 years, Cena has had several great matches that were oftentimes hidden among a myriad of average matches. Because of this emphasis on numbers and averages, most of his critics have accepted the notion that Cena couldn’t wrestle, especially when it was against technically-superior opponents like Daniel Bryan or A.J. Styles.

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But in reality, Cena  can and does have the odd great match. Moreover, there have been several times when Cena has been in a genuine Match of the Year contender, and this has taken place more than once. In the pages below, we’ll look at the five best singles matches of John Cena’s career.

The reason we’re looking at singles matches only is because, whenever there’s more than two people in a match, the argument suggests that it was those other people, and not Cena, that made the match great.

So to show otherwise, we’ll look at the five best one-on-one matches of John Cena’s career.