John Cena’s 5 Greatest WWE Singles Matches

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1. John Cena vs. A.J. Styles – Royal Rumble 2017

John Cena has wrestled in many fantastic matches, but none of them can match this legendary dream match of a contest. Although Cena had faced Styles before, this was their  best match together to date, and is definitely an early candidate for Match of the Year for 2017.

It really was a phenomenal match (pardon the pun).

The crowd wasn’t firmly on one wrestler’s side, as they had been in Cena vs. Punk. There was no early-match chain wrestling, as there was in Cena vs. Bryan. The match didn’t end in controversy, like Cena vs. Rollins. Simply put, John Cena and A.J. Styles wrestled like true world-champion-caliber athletes for over 20 minutes.

Cena and Styles looked like true equals here, with multiple believable near-falls scattered throughout the match. Cena’s strength and Styles’ technical precision were both on full display here, leading to a dramatic and memorable wrestling match.

If there were any doubters that still believed Cena couldn’t wrestle, hopefully this match will show them exactly what he’s capable of in big matches.

Highest possible recommendation.

Rating: *****

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