WWE: Charlotte Flair Issues Statement on Leaked Photos


Charlotte Flair became the latest victim of the online photo hacking, which has hit other WWE stars. She issued a statement on the matter.

Charlotte Flair has risen to become WWE’s top female star, over the past year and change. She became the first holder of the new WWE Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 32, and went on to win the Raw Women’s Championship five times. Now, she’s starring on SmackDown Live as one of the show’s top Superstars.

Recently, female WWE stars have fallen victim to the hacking of explicit photos. Paige had been at the forefront, with her situation having taken place in March.

Unfortunately, Charlotte has become the latest person to be affected by the hacking. She had explicit photos of herself leaked online, which took place earlier Thursday. In retaliation, the Nature Girl issued a statement on Twitter:

Hopefully, the person who leaked the photos is caught and the situation is handled accordingly, along with the removal of the photos. It’s an invasion of privacy, something no one should have to deal with, especially on a national stage like this for someone in the spotlight like Charlotte.

We’ll see if there’s any fallout from this that makes its way into the public. This happened with Paige’s situation, which made headlines for a number of weeks, before fading away.

It’s discouraging to see this continue to be done, not just to WWE stars, but to anyone. Hopefully, a way is found to control situations like these happening, especially with the increased used of the internet and social media.

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As for Charlotte, she’s currently on the WWE’s tour of Europe. They will be there for most of the next two weeks, where she’ll star for SmackDown shows and be featured on the upcoming episode of the blue brand.