Will Kalisto Be WWE’s Next Main Event Star on Raw?


Will Kalisto be given a golden opportunity to seize the brass ring just like his Smackdown Live contemporary Jinder Mahal?

Nearly a month ago, Kalisto was sent to RAW from Smackdown Live as part of the Superstar Shakeup. A week later, Braun Strowman ravaged through the entire arena and caused mayhem and destruction. His last victim of his savage backstage campaign was Kalisto. He was introduced to RAW by being thrown into a dumpster like he was a pile of trash.

Following this, the question is if Kalisto has a bright future after that horrendous TV introduction?

Kalisto was definitely primed for superstardom when he first debuted on NXT many years ago. After a brief singles run, he formed a formidable tag team with Sin Cara and captured the NXT Tag Team Championships from the Ascension. The Lucha Dragons have a decent title run before they debuted on the main roster after WrestleMania 31 and showcased their talents on a bigger stage.

What made the Lucha Dragons as a tag team standout from the rest of the pack was the breath-taking offense of Kalisto and it was noticed by the WWE brass.

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He was given a singles run where he captured the WWE United States Championship and feuded with the like of Alberto Del Rio and Ryback to retain the title. He eventually lost the championship to Rusev nearly a year ago and his career stalled ever since. 

Until he scored the biggest win of his tenuous career by outsmarting Braun Strowman in a Dumpster Match. What subsequently happened after the match was a different story. He was viciously mauled after the bell rang and was thrown off the entrance ramp by being sealed inside the dumpster. You can’t quite understand the logic behind that turn of events if you’re booking the winner of that match to be treated like that afterward.

Let’s set the record straight right now, these masked luchadors aren’t getting a fair shake in the WWE. Since Rey Mysterio left the WWE years ago—not one masked high-flyer has gotten to his stature as a main event-level superstar. Granted, Sin Cara was supposed to be groomed for that position but didn’t live up to the standards that Vince McMahon was looking for as the face of Lucha Libre in the WWE. Superstars like Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik haven’t been consistently showcased on RAW or 205 Live since the debut of the Cruiserweight Division was installed, either.

Kalisto Must be Treated as an Emerging Title Contender

The former United States Champion is in a unique situation and his skill set would dramatically enhance the Monday Night RAW product—by competing with men twice or three times his size. He shouldn’t be pigeoned hold with the rest of the cruiserweights because WWE creative has nothing for him.

Currently, Kalisto is listed as injured and that should be considered a blessing in disguise.

This could be the opportunity the luchador needs for the WWE to promote him as the man who defeated the “Monster Among Men” for his dignity and honor. They should use his conversation with the RAW General Manager Kurt Angle of his stubbornness to not back down from any man—no matter how big and dangerous they are. 

Kalisto Should Collect Some Wins to Climb Up the Mid Card Ladder

Looking at how the RAW roster has shaped up since the Superstar Shakeup—Kalisto is in a perfect place to make some noise in the mid card division. He’s currently sporting 3 wins and 5 losses for the year but he can turn that record around once he’s back to full strength. 

Once the Miz and Dean Ambrose settle their score for the Intercontinental Championship— Kalisto should be aiming for a title opportunity.

In the meantime, Kalisto should accumulate some wins from a mixture of tune-up matches. After that, he can dazzle the fans with upset victories from established superstars in a span of a month.  

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This slow build is key to build up Kalisto as a title contending fan favorite and a key fixture of Monday Night RAW.