AJ Styles Calls Undertaker’s WWE Retirement ‘Heartbreaking’


AJ Styles didn’t hold back when speaking about the Undertaker’s WWE retirement.

When AJ Styles joined the WWE in 2016, dream matches started being fan-made left and right. Anyone from John Cena (which happened) to Shawn Michaels (almost happened), and other big names were mentioned as potential opponents for the Phenomenal One. That has only continued as his career has gone on.

Another one on that list is the Undertaker. However, after the send-off at the end of WrestleMania 33, it seems the end of the Dead Man in WWE is here, barring something unexpected with his impending surgeries.

In an interview with the Daily Record (h/t IWNerd for transcription), Styles called Undertaker’s retirement “heartbreaking,” and also revealed he and Undertaker became friends, saying they had a mutual friend that inadvertently brought them together:

"“I could tell you, I was emotional because he’s my friend. He and I have got a relationship..both of us have the same friend who we’re very close to, so then he and I developed this relationship without even knowing each other that well. But, it was heartbreaking, because this is the guy that’s been here for so long, and has shaped the WWE into what it is now.”"

For any fan of the Undertaker, it was heartbreaking seeing him walk out one last time at WrestleMania. The symbolic removal of the gear — leaving it in the ring — made it difficult to keep a dry eye in the house. It was the goodbye of a fan favorite that had been in the WWE since 1990, someone who may never be replicated for what he brought to the company.

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One day, Undertaker will be honored one last time in the WWE Hall of Fame. He’s bound to headline whichever year’s class he becomes part of, however soon WWE decides to immortalize him.